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Dear Readers;
Here it is fall again, cooler weather (I hope), a bunch of holidays coming up, and a lot of food will be prepaired in the next few weeks, and I, like you, will be right there in line. I am giving up my position as quartermaster for the State of Florida, Korean War Veterans Assocition at the end of this year, after two years of volunteering between 20 & 30 hours a week its time someone else can take over. This, like all other associations or groups, 90% of the work is done by 10% of the members.
I am hoping that this will give me more time to spend on the Garfield Genealogy as I am wayyyyy behind on that.
Nancy and I will be leaving Sunday - September 28th on an 18 day Amtrak trip from Florida to Washington and return with 3 day stops in Washington, DC - Chicago, IL - Seattle, WA.
Lets get into this newsletter and see what we have, I think there will be something for everyone, so spend some time and look it over. And, oh yes, how about some stories or pictures and etc. to add to the next one.
Thanks, Dick Garfield
This past summer Nancy and I visited the Garfield Home (Lawnfield) in Mentor, OH and had a very nice chat with Sherda Williams, who will be taking over as Head Ranger at the end of this year. If you haven't ever visited the President's home, try and find time to do so, it is great, and they are adding new items all the time and they would love to meet you.  Also take the time to visit the Yours Truly Restaurent in Mentor, and set at the counter stool with the brass plate inscribed "James R. Garfield ll". This is where the Great Grandson of the President took his morning coffee.

A while back I received an E-Mail from Lorene Sinclair, a decendent of Benjamin Garfield and Eunice Cooley. (Remember, Eunice was captured by the Indians and twas taken to Canada and Benjamin was killed at that time.) She said that she noticed that I didn't have any information on that line and would I like to have some, and the answer was yes! She sent me about 9 generations from Benjamin through their son Nathaniel Gaffield (notice how he spelled his name) to the present. That information will be added to the Garfield Genealogy.
If you arn't going into our site online you could be missing some very important information in the Sign In Book. There people are adding information and asking for information, you might want to follow up on some of these enteries. I have listed a few of the latest ones here, look them over;

by: Jayne Pawlisa, Founder & Adminstrator

We now have 17 members in the Garfield Society plus two members with the information from the Garfield Society have been able to join the Winthrop Society. The 17 members are: Phyllis Coats Mills, Richard S. Mills, Judith  Jebian, Jayne Pawlisa, Amanda Gorman, Marilyn Stillman, Anne Weyers (Eng), Brett Wayn Mills, James Fagerburg, Richard Garfield, Gregg Townsend, Elaine Fazzan, Dr. Richard Simmons, Sharon Jernigan Tingley, Charlotte Holbrook, Roger W. Gaffield Reed, and Philip Hovey. This is great!!
Jayne, said in place of trying to give her all your lineage information/proof at once to just give her the Garfield Line for now. She will help you with the rest, she has enclosed her line for you to see what she wants:

Edward GARFIELD ( 28 Jul 1583- 14 Jun 1672) sp UNKNOWN
2-Samuel GARFIELD (01 Oct 1613-20 Nov 1684) sp Susannah
  3-Ephraim GARFIELD (20 Nov 1649-7 Mar 1722/23) sp UNKNOWN
  **** more then likely his brother Samuel Jr., not Ephraim ****
   4-Daniel GARFIELD (abt 1688-15 Jul 1757) sp Mary CROUCH
     5-Ebenezer GARFIELD (23 Jun 1724-12 May 1799) sp Mary GRAVES
       6-Daniel GARFIELD (02 May 1756- 30 Apr 1849) sp Elizabeth BREWER
         7-Wm. Brewer GARFIELD (14 Nov 1788-14 Mar 1861) sp Mary MARSHALL
           8-Philomela GARFIELD (25 Jul 1818-04 Oct 1908) sp Elbridge G. CHAPIN
             9-Harriet Lorete CHAPIN (08 Aug-25 Jul 1920) sp Almeron Newman SMITH
               10-Gladys Garfield Chapin SMITH (24 Dec 1886-01 Nov 1962) sp Leo Myron Coats
                 11- Phyllis trene COATS (11 Jan 1917 -     ) sp Wayne Saysell MILLS
                   12-Jayne Mills PAWLISA

Give this much information to Jayne at and you are on your way.