Dear Readers:
Business has started picking up now that vacations are over and the children are back in school. Have received a little more response from you the reader, this is good because without you I couldn't look up all this information that I print. Still could use more family stories, pictures and family lines if you have them. If everybody sent in just a note about their family each month what a newsletter this would be! Have not gotten the input that I hoped for in adding names to the "Veteran's Roll Call" section, everybody must have family members that served in the Armed Forces, lets give them the respect that they deserve. Thanks, Dick



Thanks Dick, I enjoy these newspapers.  I do have to learn to print off only part tho,
Wanted one page and I have 9. and depleted the ink cartridge!
Need grandsons.  They know more about the machine than I do.  Thanks again. alm

Dear Dick,
It sure is gratifying to forward the Garfield letters to you and see them on the email within a few days. Thank you for doing the work of getting them out so clearly. It would be grand if they link a few of us together and trigger new associations.
All the best, Lee

I have always been told that my gggrandmother was Lucinda Garfield, that she was born in Ontario County NY, and that she was a first cousin to Pres. Garfield, and that she was a daughter of Solomon Garfield.  My Grandmother had a picture of James A. Garfield taken at her parents house when he was a U.S. represtative.  I had never been able to place
her in the Garfield family but I find on your web page a Lusina Garfield (07:44) who must be the same person.  Lucinda married George Marion Bladgett, Sr. who was born 10/28/1800 in NH or VT and died 8/1/1879 probably in Pavillion, Kalamazoo county, Michigan. Lucinda died in 1849. Lucinda and George had the following children: Orinda, John, Maria, Eleanor, Francis and George Marion Blodgett, Jr. b. 10/06/1834 who was my great grandfather.
I can give you more on the Blodgetts if you want it.
Thank you for your excellent web site.
Don Henry
Wouldn't it be great to get a copy of that picture to put in the newsletter??


Once again Lawrence Garfield, of the Moses Averil Garfield family branch has  transcribed three more old letters that he has that are both of historical and genealogical importance. (we published 2 in the June Newsletter) Thank you ever so much Lawrence, I will take any information  that you or any reader has that helps us in our quest for learning more about the Garfield family. I hope you don't mind Lawrence, but I want to print it just as I have received it, I think it is great.

Dick: I'm finally motivated to transcribe a couple of the old letters I have in my possession for possible inclusion in your newsletter.In all cases I will put in parentheses your index numbers so that people can identity the subjects.
The first letter is from Caleb Chase Garfield (07:186) to his son Moses Averill Garfield(08:99).It is addressed from Shalersville O. June 21st with no year.
I do not know the identity of the Smiths, Julius Lawyer ,or Sawyer referred to in the letter.
Shalersville June 21st
" Dear Son:
A few days ago I received a letter from Lucius(08:100). He has just returned from California and is now in Boston, Mass. He will be out here sometime in August or September and then if convenient him and I will make you a visit before winter sets in.
Lucius(08:100) has been appointed ambassador for the state of California and is now transacting business relative to that department which will keep him busy till next August.
We are all well as usual in this section except Mr.Smiths family, they have been sick for about six months with the Typhoid fever. Julius Lawyer died last fall. Sawyer has moved
into his new house.
I wish you would write and let me know how times are with you.
Respectfully Your Father

Dick: Here's a second old letter I have in my possession for possible inclusion in your news letter.This letter is from Selucius Garfield(08:100) to his brother, Moses Averill Garfield(08:99) ."Lem" referred to in the letter is Lemuel Perry ,Selucius' brother -in-law
and brother to his first wife ,Sarah Perry(08:100-S1). I do not know the identity of the
" Adelaide" he refers to here.
Washington City Nov. 29th 1870
"Dear Brother:
After our correspondence ceased I never knew where you were, until during a recent  visit at Gallipolis, Lem told me that you were at Neillsville. He has had no letter from you I believe for a long time and is not sure that you are there at this time.
I am now living here and shall be here most of the time until the close of my second term in Congress, which will end March 4th 1873. I shall try to visit you while I am east. Quite
likely Lem and I will be up there together. I have had no news from any of our relatives except Lem and one letter from Adelaide for many years. Indeed I have been so far away for such a long time that I suppose most of the people who once knew me have
forgotten me. I have had a long struggle in a new and far off country. Indeed I can give you no adequate idea of where I have been , what I have seen, what I have gone through and what efforts I have made during the last fifteen years. But all these things are past. Let them go. You must also have had your struggles, trials and vexations-and so must Hannah also. I sincerely hope that you are in comfortable circumstances for your old age.
Tell Hannah that I have often thought of her-and now think her one of the best women in the world. i would be very glad to see her and all the children. You must write me and let me know how you are getting along-how many children-their ages etc. I have five children living-four boys and one girl. The boys are ages 16-11-3 and 1 year and the girl is six years old. The two oldest boys are at school in Pennsylvania. We have lost two children, both girls. Sometime during the coming year I shall try to make you a visit. In
the mean time you must answer this letter and give me all the news. Before long I will send you my photographs so that you may see how old I have grown.
My wife sends love to you all.

Your Brother      

Dick: Here is a transcription of another old letter for possible inclusion in your newsletter.It is a letter from Lemuel Perry to Moses Averill Garfield(08:99).Hannah referred to in the letter is (08:99,S1)."Mr.Kneeland" is either a lawyer or a bank official."Electa" is unknown."William" is (08:98)."Emerson and Adelaide" are unknown."Luke" is Selucius Garfield(08:100)."Uncle Jim Ra........ and Aunt Irene" are unknown."L.Perry" is Lemuel Perry and is either a brother-in-law of Selucius or a half brother of Moses ,Selucius, and William.

Gallipolis O. 
January 8th  1866
Dear Brother:
Hannah's letter of dec. 17th and yours of the 24th are both received and I will reply to both in one. So that Hannah may consider this an answer to hers as well as yours. I was highly pleased to receive your letters, & should have written you oftener during the war, had it not been for the peculiar circumstances surrounding me. Here I have been for four long years right in the midst of the war with a very large amount of property exposed to raid & fire. When the rebellion broke out in the spring of 1861, I had a very large lumber yard here, which was carried on by my partner, though I owned all the stock. Business went down flat could not sell anything. i could do nothing but hold on, but there was the danger, for in case of raids or attack, a lumber yard would be the first thing the enemy would set fire to, for board piles burn very easy. And what further increased the danger was that this place was a general depot of supplies for all operations of the armies in Western Virginia, which would make it a special object of attack to destroy government property. The rebs however never got nearer than 4 miles. They attacked & plundered Point Pleasant, a town 4 miles from Gallipolis. There were millions of dollars worth of Gov't. property here consisting of stock, quartermaster & commissary stores. We always had troops stationed here, & thousands & tens of thousands trouping to & fro, stopping a longer or shorter time. You can't imagine the excitement and anxiety  produced here.
Especially among those who had property exposed. I commenced selling to the Gov't. in the fall of 1861, for army purposes. The Gov't.  took about half a million feet, sold to others as I could, & in the spring of 1863 shipped the balance to Cincinnati & closed out.
I got good prices &  made some money. You see by this why I have not written more letters. It was as much as I could do to find time to write necessary business letters. I
did not write to Luke or hear from him for three years, nor to William. Since the war closed i have some news from st.....(?). The excitement labor & turmoil of the war has almost worn me out. I have grown old fast but since peace has come, & I have got a little quiet & rest, I am picking up a little. I was so fortunate as to get through without having
any of my property destroyed or losing any of it. So much for the state of my affairs during the war, & my  situation.  And now in answer to your letters. It appears that you rec. the $142 that I directed Mr. Kneeland to send to Hannah. I am happy to find that you rec.
the gift with so much pleasure. If the money does you as much good as your kind expressions in your letters to me, then I will be satisfied .Tell Hannah to consider that a Christmas present. We make much of Christmas in this country. Everybody gives and receives presents, however small. The presents I gave this Christmas to my wife, children, & friends cost me about $50. I had heard of the death of Electa through one of Mr.Kneelands letters. I was very sorry to hear it. Hannah wants to know about our children. We have two both girls. Clara E. 7 years old in April next and Mary A. now 3 years old, both well and fat and healthy. My wife is well also. We have had the
misfortune to lose three. i have a letter from William a few days ago. He is on Cream Hill still farming as usual. No material change. Emerson and Adelaide came out here in September  to make a visit. Emerson has been gone sometime, but Adelaide will remain all winter. Em. returned from California a year ago last July. Luke is living at Port Townsend Washington territory practicing law. He has four children, two boys & two
girls. From what I can learn he is making a living, but I don't think he has got very rich yet. I did intend last winter to visit Wisconsin during the summer, but my wife, her
father & Mother with my oldest child went to New England to spend the summer, so I had to stay at home to take care of the house & Mary, but if nothing unusual turns up I shall make a flying trip to Wisconsin next summer & if so I shall come to see you. I want to see Uncle Jim, Rassmen(?) & Aunt Irene once more , and all the rest. I sympathize with you in your hard luck, but my motto is " keep on plugging away" & not be discouraged, & you may come out all right yet. I have seen a great many blue days but I never gave up for one moment but always kept trying.
I shall be glad to hear from you often and shall expect to, & shall hope to hear of your better luck. My wife and children send their love to you all.
Your Brother as ever;                       
L. Perry
P.S. I am engaged in Banking & practicing law. I own  one tenth( $ 10,000) of the capital stock of the " First National Bank of Gallipolis" .

The following is from Pam Brett of Berkeley, California: Thanks Pam for the following.

Hi Dick-
I have received transcriptions of the 3 letters from Lawrence that he  sent to you. They prompted me to write up my theory about Electa,  wife of Caleb Chase Garfield. You may want to publish in your  newsletter; it refers in places to the letter from Lemuel Perry to
Moses Garfield written in 1866. I believe I have enough evidence to  support my claim that Electa was born Electa Clark, daughter of  Lemuel Clark and Lois Averill. Let me know what you think.
Pam Brett
great grandaughter of Selucius Garfield (1822-1883)

Electa, wife of Caleb Chase Garfield left behind few records: no birth, baptism, marriage,
death or burial record, no obituary or tombstone. Her name doesn't appear on a census
record. The Tousley Family History says she was born Electa Averill and died a few years
after the marriage of her son Moses Averill Garfield who married Hannah Tousley in 1841.

I have been working on a theory for several years that she was not Electa Averill, but
Electa Clark, daughter of Lemuel Clark and Lois Averill. I first ran across Electa Clark
when I began researching Lemuel Perry who was born ca 1813 in Vermont and lived in
Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio. My ancestor, Selucius Garfield (1822-1883) son of Caleb
Chase Garfield, married a woman named Sarah E Perry born ca 1835-1837 reportedly in
Vermont. I do not know her family, so I was studying Perrys that lived in Ohio around the
same time, hoping to find clues. I at first thought she may be related to Lemuel Perry.

Lemuel was attorney and involved with the Garfield family. He wrote a letter to Moses
Garfield in Waterloo, Wisconsin on 8 Jan 1866 from Gallipolis, Ohio addressed as "Dear
Brother." I received a copy of the letter which is very hard to read, but I was still able to
make out a few names and have tried to research them.

Lemuel wrote Moses that he "had a letter from William in Cream Hill farming as
usual." There is a Cream Hill in the north west corner of the township of Shoreham,
Addison County, Vermont. I found a William S. Perry born Vermont ca 1810 in the 1840,
1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses in Shoreham. He was married to Lucinda Wolcott
and the couple had at least three children: William, Emerson and Adelaide. These are
most likely the Emerson and Adelaide whom Lemuel mentions as visiting him in Ohio;
"Emerson left, but Adelaide will remain all winter." Elsewhere in the letter I think it
reads "Em(erson?) returned from California a year ago last July."  Lemuel also named a
daughter Mary Adelaide.

In the same letter, Lemuel says "I shall make a flying trip to Wisconsin next summer & if
so I shall come to see you. I want to see Uncle Jim ,Rassmen(?) & Aunt Irene once
more." I think this refers to  James W Rossman and Irena Clark who married 28 Dec
1802 Orwell, Addison County, Vermont. Irena was sister of Electa Clark. There was a
James W Rossman living in Essex County in 1830 and  in the 1870 Wisconsin census ,
Clark County near Moses Averill Garfield. I will research them some more.

I have not been able to find a birth record for Lemuel Perry. According to census records,
he was born in Vermont ca 1813-1815. I have a copy of his will which indicates he had
been married and divorced and had a son, not named. He married Elizabeth Nash,
daughter of Judge Simeon Nash on 28 Jul 1857 in Gallipolis. The couple had 8 children,
most who died in childhood.  I have been in contact with descendants of Lemuel Perry
who claim he was born 12 Dec 1812 in Orwell, Addison to Electa Clark and John Perry. I
found a marriage record for this couple in Orwell, Addison (at the time Rutland) County
18 Mar 1806. I have not been able to determine the family of John Perry; there were
several Perry families living in the area at that time. The Lemuel Perry descendants also
claim that Electa was daughter of Lemuel Clark and Lois Averill born Pawlett Township,
Rutland, Vermont in 1787. Clara Avery's book The Averell-Averill-Avery Family: A
record of the Descendants of William and Abigail Averell of Ipswich, Massachusetts does
not mention an Electa in the list of  8 children for Lemuel and Lois, but a footnote says
"There may have been, and I think there were, other children" by Robert O. Bascom
Esq, a descendant of Lois Averill Clark. "I think surely an Amy and Currence." The
1800 Vermont census lists Lemuel Clark in Rutland County, town of Orwell: 1 male
10-15, 3 males 16-25, 1 male 45+, 2 females 10-15, 2 females 16-25, 1 female 45+
NOTE: also in town are Josiah, Lemuel Jr, Smith and Cyrus Clark.  Electa may have been
the daughter of one of these other Clarks, however I tend to believe that she was Lemuel
Clark's daughter since she named her son Lemuel.

So here is my working hypothesis. Electa Clark, daughter of Lemuel Clark and Lois
Averill married John Perry in Orwell, Addison County 18 Mar 1806. They had a son
William S Perry ca 1810 and in 1812 a son named Lemuel. There may have been other
children. John Perry died and his widow Electa married Caleb Chase Garfield. We know
that the couple had at least 2 sons: Moses Averill Garfield born 19 Nov 1818 and
Selucius Garfield born 8 Dec 1822. 

We find Caleb C. Gaffield in the 1820 Vermont Census (page 274)  living in Orwell,
Rutland Co. (now Addison): 2 males under 10; 2 males 10-15, 1 male 26-44, 1 female
26-44. that is a total of 5 males and 1 female. Caleb was 28, Electa 33, Moses 2, William
10, Lemuel 8; who was the other male 10-15? Next door to Caleb's family is Moses
A(verill) Clark, brother of Electa Clark.

On 17 March 1821 Caleb bought land in Shoreham, Addison County, Vermont; he was
living in Orwell at the time. From 1821-1826 he voted and paid taxes in  Shoreham,
Addison County, Vermont. In Shoreham Town Clerk records, I found school tax records:
1823  Caleb C Gaffield 11th school district 4 scholars (4-18 years) and 1825 Caleb C
Gaffield 11th school district 3 scholars. Moses would have been aged 5-7 in that time
period and Selucius 1-3 years. Perhaps the other scholars were Lemuel and William
Perry, Caleb's stepsons.

The 1830 census for Addison County VT 301 Bridport (Page 301) shows Caleb C
Garfield: 1 male 5-9, 1 male 10-14, 1 male 15-19, 2 males 20-29, 1 male 40-49; 1 female
30-39, That is a total of 6 males and 1 female. Caleb was 38, Electa 43, Moses 12,
Selucius 8, William S Perry 20, Lemuel 18 ; who is the other male 20-29?

In 1834, Caleb is listed as having 2 children ages 4-21 in Streetsborough School District #
6, ; Moses was 16 and Selucius 12. In 1836, he is listed as having 7 children ages 4-21
Streetsborough District #6,; Moses would have been 18;  Seluicius was 14; William S
Perry was 26; who are all these other children??!!

I have not been able to find Caleb and his family in the 1840 census. Caleb married
Amanda Root on 21 Feb 1848 in Portage County, Ohio so Electa was probably deceased
by then. I haven't been able to find any record of her death. The 1850 Ohio census,
Portage county, Shalersville, p. 239lists: Caleb C, Garfield age 58 farmer from Vermont;
Amanda Garfield, age 48 from Ohio;  Earl O. Root age 17 born Ohio (born ca 1833)and
Harriet Osborn age 10, born Pennsylvania; who is this last child? Caleb married again on
29 Aug 1854 to Permelia (Bixby Morrison) Hall; it was her third marriage also. Caleb
died 24 Mar 1859 in Streetsboro, Portage Co., Ohio without a will. William Whorfield,
Edward Sawyer and William Hill were appointed by the Probate Court of Portage County
to take an inventory and appraisal of the estate 24 March 1859.

There seems to be a stong Garfield tradition of naming one's children after family
members. I believe Moses Averill Garfield was named after Electa Clark's brother
Moses Averill Clark.  Electa's mother was named Lois Averill. Moses named a daughter
Electa Lois.

Caleb Chase Garfield has another connection with the Averills--Lois Averill (mother of
Electa Clark) was the aunt of Lorraine Averill who married Elijiah Garfield 16 Feb 1790
in Leicester Township, Addison, Vermont. Lorraine Averill's father, Elisha Averill, was
born in New Millford CT in 1754 and was an early settler in Pawlet, Rutland County,
Vermont and the brother of Lois Averill Clark.

I welcome evidence that either supports or conflilcts with my theory that William and
Lemuel Perry, sons of Electa Clark and John Perry, were half brothers to Moses and
Selucius Garfield. I still haven't found a connection with Selucius' wife Sarah E. Perry
and John, William and Lemuel Perry, but I continue to search. Any help would be

Pamela Brett
Berkeley, California
great great grandaughter of Selucius Garfield (1822-1883)



Tyringham, MA


GARFIELD (see Gearfield)

Abiram, ch. Isaac Jr. and Mary, Feb. 26, 1806.
Abner Peck, s. Elisha and Ruth, Aug. 3, 1798.
Amanda, d. Daniel and Sally, Aug. 2, 1799.
Amanda, ch. Isaac Jr. and Mary, Nov. 15, 1807.
Archabald [ch. Isaac and Margaret], Jan. 12, 1779.
Betsey, d. Daniel and Sally, Mar. 28, 1791.
Caroline [ch. Thomas and Hannah], Feb. 26, 1813.
Daniel, s. Enoch and Abagail, July 2, 1787.
Daniel, s. Isaac and Margaret [dup. Sophia], Nov. 29, 1788.
Daniel, s. Daniel and Sophia, May 13, 1819.
Dighton Monroe [dup. Monro], s. John and Sarah M., [dup. omits M.], Sept. 20, 1842.
Egbert, s. John and Huldah, Aug. 11, 1798.
Elijah, s. Solomon and Ruth, June 10, 1799.
Enoch, s. Enoch and Abagail, Sept. 22, 1780.
Frances, ch. Egbert B. and Alice C., Nov. 25, 1841.
George Augustus, s. Dan[ie]l [and] Mary, Nov. 19, 1845.
Hannah Margaret, d. Thomas and Hannah, Sept. 1, 1811.
Hellen C., ch. Egbert B. and Alice C., Apr. 27, 1835.
Henry, ch. Egbert B. and Alice C., Oct. 25, 1837.
Henry Clay, s. Solomon and Subrina, Nov. 1, 1830.
Huldah, d. John and Huldah, Jan. 10, 1790.
Isaac, Feb. 19, 1717-18, in Weston.
John, [twin] s. John and Huldah, Oct. 13, 1792.
John [ch. Thomas and Hannah], Oct. 19, 1821.
John H., ch. Egbert B. and Alice C., July 27, 1836.
John Milton, s. Solomon and Subrina, Sept. 21, 1823.
Laura, [twin] d. John and Huldah, Oct. 13, 1792.
Levi, s. Abner P. and Emily, Mar. 11, 1830.
Lydia [ch. Thomas and Hannah], Apr. 15, 1818.
Margaret, d. Daniel and Saphia, Mar. 14, 1821.
Mary, ch. Isaac Jr. and Mary, Oct. 23, 1809.
Polly, d. Enoch and Abagail, May 24, 1783 .
Roena, d. Isaac Jr. and Mary, Oct. 1, 1811.
Silas, s. Enoch and Abagail, Apr. 30, 1785.
Sophia [ _______ ], w. Dan[ie]l, Mar. 1, 1795, [in] Bensan, Vt.
Sophia, d. Daniel (Garfild) and Sophia, Aug. 5, 1817.
Subrina Sophronia, d. Solomon and Subrina, June 19, 1827.
Thomas [ch. Thomas and Hannah], Jan. 15, 1816.
_______, twin s. Lt. Solomon, Mar. 2, 1784. C.R.
_______, twin s. Lt. Solomon, Mar. 2, 1784. C.R.
_______, d. Thomas and Angelin, Apr. 11, 1849.

GEARFIELD (see Garfield)

Abigail [ _______ ], w. Enoch, Dec. 6, 1746.
Amanda, d. Enoch and Abagail, June 27, 1774.
Candace, d. Solomon and Ruth, Feb. 5, 1790.
Christeen [ch. Isaac and Margaret], Jan. 28, 1774.
Daniel, s. Isaac and Mary, Sept. 9, 1765.
Elijah, s. Enoch and Abijail, May 23, 1777.
Elisha, s. Isaac and Mary, Mar. 14, 1755.
Elisha "ye 2nd of that name," s. Isaac and Mary, Feb. 24, 1757. Feb. 25, C.R.]
Elisha, s. Elisha and Ruth, June 5, 1794.
Enoch, s. Isaac and Mary., Nov. 22, 1745.
Esther, d. Isaac and Mary, Jan.13, 1759. [Jan. 14, C.R.]
Fanny, d. Solomon and Ruth, Mar. 24, 1785.
Horrace, s. Solomon and Ruth, May 29, 1782.
Isaac Jr., s. Isaac and Mary, Dec. 14, 1743 .
Isaac [ch. Isaac and Margaret], Oct. 10, 1776.
John, s. Isaac and Mary, Jan. 23, 1764. [Jan. 22, C.R.]
John [ch. Isaac and Margaret], May 20, 1784.
Lucy, d. Isaac and Mary, Nov. 29, 1749.
Margaret [ _______ ], w. Isaac, Jr., May 31, 1751.
Mary, [ _______], w. Isaac, Mar. 25, 1722 "0. S.", in Weston.
Mary, d. Isaac and Mary, _____, 1747.
Mayy "ye 2nd of that Name," d. Isaac and Mary, Apr. 11, 1751. [Apr. 12, C.R.]
Milton J., s. Solomon and Ruth, July 1, 1792.
Minard, s. Solomon and Ruth, July 26, 1780.
Myron, s. Elisha and Ruth, July 26, 1788.
Polly, d. Elisha and Ruth, July 12, 1791.
Sally, d. Daniel, July 31, 1794.
Salome, d. Solomon and Ruth, Aug. 24, 1786.
Sarah, d. Isaac and Mary, Nov. 12, 1761. [Nov. 13, C.R.]
Sarah, d. Isaac and Margaret, May 30, 1772.
Solomon, s. Isaac and Mary, Mar. 5, 1753. [Mar. 4, C.R.]
Solomon, s. Solomon and Ruth, June 1, 1797.
Thomas [ch. Isaac and Margaret], Jan. 11, 1782.


GARFIELD, (see Gearfield).

Isaac Jr. and Margret Orton, Feb. 21, 1771. C.R.
Luce and Amasa Curtis, Nov. 2, 1769. C.R.
Solomon and Ruth Bird, July 1, 1779. C.R.


GARFIELD (see Gearfield)

Alonzo, s. Elijah and w., June 26, 1842.
Caroline E., d. Thomas Jr. and Angeline, Nov. 9, 1847, a. 2 y. 10 m. 7 d.
Daniel, a soldier, May 22, 1760, a. 24. C.R.
Elisha, s. Isaac and Mary, Oct. __, 1756. [Gearfield, Oct. 7, a. 1 y. 7 m. 3 d., C.R.] Elisha
Esq., Apr. 10, 1837.
Isaac, July 30, 1811, a. 68.
John Esq., Sept. 20, 1837.
Margaret, w. Isaac, July 29, 1805, a. 54.
Mary, d. Isaac and Mary, Dec. 18, 1749.
Mary, wid. Lt. [Isaac], Dec. 18, 1799.
Myron, s. Elisha, Mar. 18, 1828.
Polly, d. Elisha, Sept. 26, 1817.
Rhoda C., d. Dan[ie]l and Sophia, consumption, Aug. 9, 1845, a. 21 y. 4 m. 18 d.
Ruth, Mrs., Feb. 3, 1814.
Ruth, w. Elisha, Feb. 5, 1822.
Sarah, d. Isaac and Mary, Sept. 26, 1777. [Gearfield, Sept. 28, a. 15 y. 10 m. 15 d., C.R.]
Solomon, June 12, 1821, in 69th y.
Theodocia M., w. Col. D. A., Mar. __, 1841.
_______, twin s. Lt. Solomon, Mar. 2, 1784. C.R.
_______, twin s. Lt. Solomon, Mar. 2, 1784. C.R.

GEARFIELD (see Garfield)

Isaac, Lt., Jan. 22, 1792.


My Great Grandparent

             Issac Garfield                                                                Marion (Coe) Garfield
            b. Apr 05, 1835                                                                        b.             1837
            d. Mar 01, 1914                                                                       d. Aug 17, 1930

     Isaac's Headstone                     Garfield Family Plot                    Marion's Headstone
       North East, PA                             North East, PA                             North East, PA