JUNE 2002

  Jimmy Fagerburg                                                                                                         Dick Garfield                                                                                      

Dear readers,
This past month has been quite fruitful for us, we have received new material and information that will be used by many I am sure. Look for it in the coming issues of the newsletter.  We also received inquiries from quite a few people asking for help in finding how their branch of the Garfields fits into the big picture on the Garfield Tree from as far away as Honolulu, HI. We try to answer all letters and sometimes we ask for help from you our readers if we think you might have some information that we can pass on to these people. Thanks everybody, without your input this newsletter would not be possible.


You are doing a marvelous publication. It must take hours of work to put it all together. Thanks. Surely enjoy. Agnes Lee Mitchell alm
Thanks for the kind words Agnes, it does take quite some time to figure out what we want to print that month and lay it all out , Dick.

Hello, I am currently receiving the Garfield family newsletter, and enjoying it. I am Roberta Waynette Garfield Bloomquist. Born to Robert Wayne Garfield, and Marilyn Ardith Ericson Garfield, in Jamestown, NY. My Grandparents were Joseph Northrup Garfield, and Bertha Ann Phillips of Frewsburg, NY. I have one brother  who lives in Busti, N.Y.  We have a family cemetery located on the Bacon Road in Busti, Frewsburg area with many Garfields in it. I know somehow we are related to Pres. James Garfield, I believe he was my Grandfather's second cousin??? we all came from that Samuel line from New England I believe. I did quallify to become a member of the DAR, however after checking into their philosophy, and actually attending one of their meetings, I changed my mind. Anyway I do enjoy the news. Sincerely, Roberta W. Garfield Bloomquist.
Thanks Roberta, for writing, at the present time I am working with your neice in Busti to find out more about the Garfields from that area, Dick

This is the first chapter of a book I found 20 years ago in an obscure second hand book store in Clarence, N.Y. It is titled "The Life, Speeches and Public Services of James A. Garfield", I thought some of the early history was interesting and supports what you have on your web site. You will note that it outlines the family crest and moto as well. I've tried to rotate the images but it will not save that way. Maybe you can get it to rotate and copy to another file. Keep up the good work, its very enjoyable.
Thanks John for the input, but I too am having trouble getting thngs to come out right, will forward to Jimmy, he's good it that type of thing, thats why we keep him around. Dick

I'm Chuck's dad Bill. We are of the line from Eliakim - Joseph - Samuel G. - Maurice E. - Inez A.(John H. Little) - William G. Little - William E.) I have an interesting bit of trivia which I am not sure you have run into before. My wife was a descendant also through the Mehitabel - John Jones line. If anyone needs any information about the Jones line I would be glad to pass it along.
I have a couple of questions for you concerning things that have cropped up concerning my line. First, I have seen information that Edward's son, Edward, Jr. was the husband of Johanna Buckmaster and not the father, with Edward, jr. being born in 1604 & died in 1672. Secondly, is that I have also come across information that Eliakim + Hanna Chase had a son Eliakim, Jr., born in 1754, who
was the father of Joseph. Is this correct or should I change my ancestral tree to eliminate these two individuals? I would appreciate any information you might have concerning these two problems. I love your newsletter, keep it up!  Bill Little,
Bill, it is my understanding that some time ago that it was proved to the satafaction of the New England Historic and Genealogical Socility that Edward and Edward Jt. were one and the same person. As for the question about Eliakim and Hannah having a son Eliakim Jr., I too have run into that problem, my family line shows Eliakim Jr. to be the father of at least two sons, Joseph and Samuel. Samuel is my GGG Grandfather. If that is so, he would have to had been born after 1760.

Hi: Thank you so much for all this wonderful info, how did you end up finding out all of this on Ernest Garfield and Kate Holden. Laura
Laura, don't think me, all the thanks should go to Chrissy Mercer-Cleasby, she had the info on file and was willing to share it with us. Dick


(I received the following from Lawrence Garfield the last part of May and have printed it in its entirety. I also e-mailed Lawrence expressing my gradatude for thinking of us, and told him we will gladly take any more letters or family information that he has that he would like to share with us.)

Hello: My name is Lawrence Garfield. I currently reside in the Rochester, NY area and am a member of the branch that derives from Moses Averil Garfield(my great grandfather). My mother is Margaret Drusilla Garfield, the wife of Ralph Garfield and at the age of 101 is possibly the oldest living
member(by marriage) of the family. I have in my possesion some letters  that have been passed down to me that may be of both historical and genealogical importance. I thought it might be of interest for your newsletter to have the contents of these letters. I'll not transcribe all of them at once, but
will try one now and see what you think. Please let me know what is your opinion and whether you would like to see more transcribed. These letters are quite fragile at this time and some of the words are not clear, so I must guess in some cases.
This letter was written by Selucius Garfield to Moses Averil Garfield, his older brother. The references to "Hannah" in the letter prove the provenance because she was Mose' wife. Selucius was born in 1822 in Shoreham ,Vermont  and was active in politics his whole life. The  letter is introduced by a magnificent etching of the city of Placerville, California.
In it he refers to to his brother-in-law who is Lemuel(sp?) Perry . I am also in possesion of an interesting letter from Perry to Moses which I would also consider transcribing at a later date if there is interest.

The letter is dated July 27,1857:

Placerville Eldorado Co,California   

"My Dear Brother:
        When I left home some 15 months since, I  wrote you a letter informing you of the loss of my wife and last child. This misfortune wrought so heavily upon me that I determined to travel and
by this means endeavor to wear off my sorrow. I accordingly started and went to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and then up to Vermont where I had time only to visit Wm.,uncle Earle and .......... families. I then returned to New York City and there took an ocean steamer for the West Indies where I spent several weeks. From there I went to the empire of Brazil and visited Pernambuco, Rio Dejaneiro, and several inferior and interior towns, thence I went to Buenos Aries and travelled in the Argentine Confederation, thence to Patagonia, thence to Chili and visited Valparaiso and the capitall, Santiago, thence to Peru and saw monuments erected by its proudest Incas, visited Lima and the lofty Andes where there is perpetual snow under the equator. Then I went to New Grenada and Nicaragua, St. Salvador and Mexico. From Mexico I came to California with shattered health and
almost without ready money. Here I have recruited my health and here I intend to remain for a year or longer for the improvement of my lungs as I think this one of the finest climates for asthmatics and consumptives in the world. 
         I am engaged in the practise of the law and am doing as well as I could expect. I take no case before a justice of the peace for less than twenty five dollars and no case in the District Court for less than fifty. Some cases before a justice I get $150 and in the court still more. Living is not very high here. I am dieting myself somewhat. I get a pint of milk morning and evening for breakfast and
supper and it costs me only 25cts. a pint and I get my dinner at the hotel for one dollar. Thus my board costs only about twelve dollars per week.
         There is a great deal of gold in this country and more will be taken out his year than during any two preceding years. Wages for common hands vary from $125 to $600 per month and boarded. Thus you see that this is the country for making money. I cannot now give you a description of this country, suffice to say that it realizes all that is said about it. In a future letter I may give you more at large my views of this country. I have been urged to run for the legislature here but refused as I want no office lower than state senator and not that at present.
         I think of returning home again to the States after awhile and I now intend to return by way of the Sandwich Islands, China, the Cape of Goodhope, the Meditterranean Sea and London and I shall let you know when I leave this country & I hope to be able to visit you before many years. I have great anxiety to see Uncle James & Aunt Irene and the boys. Give them my warmest love and get some of them  to write to me if possible.
         I left my property and business in the hands of my Brother-in-Law and hear from him nearly every mail things are all right there. I send you a drawing of the town where I live. Only a part is seen in the picture as the town is two miles long and could not all be represented at once. It is a thriving place and a great deal of business is done here.
        I get some letters from Lemuel but none as yet from Father or William. I wonder if any of the children remember me. Don't let them forget me as I wish to be known to all of my neices and
       Show this letter to James and Charles and tell them to write me for old friendship sake if for nothing else. I would write to them by this mail but I have spent two days in letter writng and must defer their letter to the next. I shall expect an answer to this as soon as you get it. Direct your
letter to Coloma El Dorado Co. California and I shall be sure to get it.
        Give my warmest love to Hannah & the children. God bless you all & give us a happy meeting."

                                                                     S. Garfield

NOTE: The biography of Selucius Garfield(08:100) is available for viewing from our website's
          Mainpage under Biographies


Again Jayne Mills Pawlisa has provided us with some important Garfield history. This month
we have the will of Samuel Garfield and his  2nd. wife Mary (Benfield) Garfield.  A copy of
this will is available from the Mainpage of out website under Wills & Records.

*NOTE: He died in Watertown, Ma. on 20 November 1684. His will, dated 15 September 1684
and probated on 16 December that year provided:
" In the name & feare of God, I Samuel Garfield of Watertowne in New England in the County of
Middlesex being sick in body, but of sound Judgment & perfect memory blessed be God, I do
make and ordeine this my last will and Testament in manner following.
Impr. I give unto my son Samuel Garfield five shillings in mony to be payd within one yeare after
my decease.
2ly I give and bequeath unto Ephraim Garfield my son Two shillins & six pence to be payd in
mony within one year after my decease.
Concerning ye small estate that God hath givin me I leave it fully & wholly to Mary my beloved wife
for her livelyhood & subsistance in the time of her annuall life; and what of my Estate shall be left
unspent at her decease I give her full powr to dispose of according to her discretion unto those of
my children that shall be most helpfull * beneficiall to her in the time of her life.
And do hereby constitute, make and ordeyne Mary my beloved wife Sole Executrix to this my last
will and Testament to receive all due to mee & pay all my just debts & I do further nominate and
appoynt my loving friend Richard Child senr and my Brother Benjamen Garfield overseers of this
my last will desiring and intreating them to be helpfull to my loving wife in directing and advising in
what may be best for her comfort, peace & safety & in witness of the confirmation hereof I have
hereunto sett my hand and seale this fifteen day of September one thousand six hundred Eight
*** His estate was inventoried on 12 December 1684----a total of 75.10.00 (pounds)

Mary continued to live in Watertown for another 25 years. By a deed dated 20 April 1708, and
acknowledged by her on 20 April 1708, she sold "her homestall, containing one mansion house and five acres of land" and removed to nearby Lancaster (that part later becoming part of Harvard). She lived there with her daughter Rachel and son-in-law John Priest. She died in Lancaster in late 1709.

MARY GARFIELD, WIFE OF SAMUEL; WILL dated 4 January 1708/09 and probated on
4 January 1709/10, provided:
"In the name of god Amen.
This fourth Day of January In ye yeare of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred & eight. I Mary
Garfield now Resident in ye Towne of Lancaster in ye County of Middlesex in the Province of ye
Massachusetts Bay in New England Widow: Do now make this my Last Will & Testament in
Manner & forme following & hereby Revoking & making Null & utterly Voyde all former Wills & Testaments by me formerly Made & c: I being now of Sound Memory and competant understanding Praised be God for it.
First and Principally I Bequeath My Soul to God that Gave it Hoping to Receive free & full Pardon
of all myu sins through ye alone Mirritt & Mediation of our Deare Lord Jesus Christ: Desiring to
Rely upon him alone for Righteousness & Salvation: & My Body to be Decently Buried & for that
outward estate which God of his Goodness hath pleased to bestow upon Mee My Will is that it be
bestowed & Disposed of as is hereafter Expressed in this my Will: (that is to say); After my Just Debts
funerall Charges & other necessary expenses are Defray;ed my Will is as followeth:
Impr I Give unto my Son in Law Ephraim Garfield of Sudbury Six Shillings, to my two
Grandchildren Daniell & Elizabeth Garfield to each of them I give three Shillings, to my Daughter Sarah Guile I give Six shillings. To my daughter Rachel Priest Six Shillings, to my Daughter Deborah Brooks I Give Six Shillings. To my Daughter Anna Jackson I Give Six Shillings  To my Daughter Mercy Berry I give Six shillings, to my two Grandchildren Namely John Nobles &  Mary Nobles I give to each of them three shillings, to my Grandson Elizha Hall Six shillings, to my Grand Daughter Hannah Burbank I give Six Shillings all which to be paid upon Demand of ye  Respective persons Interested as above said to each of them by my Executor hereafter named:
except any of them Remains Dissatisfied so as to make Disturbances & contention which if any of them shall do them such & so many of them to have nothing of what is Given them as abovesaid.
& farhter my Will is that whatsoever more of my estate Remaines besides what is Given as above
said be it of what quallities soever shall be & Remaine to my Daughter Rachell Priest of Lancaster
whom I hereby Make & Constitute ye Sole Executrix to this my Will & that she shall pay or cause
to be paid the Small Legacies Given as above said within one yeare after my Decease except ye
estate hapen to be Insolvent as abovesaid & that this is my Last Will & Testament I ye said Mary Garfield & Relect of Samuell Garfield Sometimes of Watertowne in ye County of Middlesex declare by my hand & seale the Day & yeare above written.
The word "my" below ye twentieth Line being interlined before signing & sealling"

***there does not appear to be inventory of the estate in her probate records, as there was forSamuel


Also once more Susan McIlvene, of Shrewsbury, MA has found and copied for us some more
Vital Records for which we are most graceful.

Warwick, MA Vital Records


Charles Garfield, son to Joshua Garfield and Abigail Garfield his wife was born
August 5, 1776
Doctor Moses Garfield, son to Joshua and Abigail Garfield was born December
the 7th 1777
Ebenezer, son to Dan'l And Elinah Garfield, born January 7, 1789
Stephen Garfield, son to Aaron Garfield and Silana his wife born December 24th 1792
Joseph, son to Dan'l and Elinah Garfield born May 26th 1792
Artimus Garfield, son to Joshua Garfield and Abigail Garfield, his wife, was born
September 30th 1779
Joseph Garfield, son to Joseph and Susana Garfield his wife, was born August 28th 1779
Nat Garfield, son to Joseph Garfield and Susanna his wife born July 23, 1781
Family of Daniel Garfield and Elenor his wife, Riford, was born November 16th 1802


Dec 21, 1874 James Prentico of Warwick, born Northbridge, age 26, farmer to
Ellen I. Garfield of Royalston, born Royalston dau. of Moses and Salinia
Garfield, age 25

Charlton, MA Vital Records


Dedeimia dau. of Moses and Sarah June 14, 1763
John, son of Moses and Sarah, April 25, 1765


John, son of Moses and Sarah April 11, 1762, a. 2y, 7m, 28d

Royalston, MA Vital Records


Abigail, dau. Moses and Polly July 16, 1820
Andrew Bliss, son Moses and Polly April 21, 1807
Ansel U., son Ansel and Elvira July 7, 1844
Gardner, son Moses and Polly Nov 5, 1805
Ira, son Moses and Polly March 25, 1810
Julian Atherton, dau. Moses and Polly August 17, 1824
Lucy, dau. Joshua and Abigail October 23, 1782
Marry, dau. Moses and Polly October 25, 1803
Moses, son Moses and Mary October 11, 1816
Nancy, dau. Moses and Polly February 9, 1813
Nelly, dau. Joshua and Abigail January 15, 1784
Susan Maria, dau. Moses and Polly March 25, 1811
_____, child Moses and Mary March 24, 1814
_____, dau. Ansel H and Elvira Mar 26, 1846
_____, son Ansel H and Elvira October 10, 1847
_____, dau Moses Jr and Mary S December 13, 1849

Hannah, dau. Joshua and Abigail June 25, 1794

Anna, dau Joshua and Abigail Ostober 11, 1788
Caleb, twin son  Joshua and Abigail July 12, 1786
Joshua, twin son Joshua and Abigail July 12, 1786
John, twin son Joshua and Abigail December 8, 1791
Nabby, twin dau. Joshua and Abigail December 8,1791


Andrew B, and Hannah D Dwennell of Millbury int Dec 1, 1834
Anna, and Silvester Walker of Townshend, VT March 31, 1813
Ansel H, and Elvira Raymond November 8, 1838
Charles, and Betsy Harrington March 16, 1797
Deidamia, of Warwick and Silas Chase, February 11, 1788*
Hannah, and Eliphalet Chase July 28, 1813
Lucy, and Gideon Horton December 16, 1801
Lucy M, (dau. Artemus and Judith, a 27) and Charles W King both of Worcester
October 3, 1847
Moses, and Mrs. Mary Reed of Winchester NH November 30, 1837
Moses Jr, and Mary Salina Boom of Richmond NH int Dec 30 1848
Nelly, and David Cook July 16,1815
Susan M, and David S Southwick Nov 6, 1834

Moses, and Polly Bliss February 6, 1800*


Eli, son Moses and Polly May 10, 1802
Ira, son Moses and Polly May 10, 1800
Joshua, May 6, 1828, a 76 Lung Fever
Mary, dau. Moses and Polly April 24, 1806
Nancy, April 3, 1840 a 27 GS6
Polly, [Mary G.S.] wife Moses August 4 [3, G.S.6] 1836, a 56
_____, child, Moses and Mary April 5, 1814 a 12d
_____, widow, Joshua March 15, 1831 a 75 old age

*int not recorded

Note: A tip from Chrissy worth remembing

Hi fellow researchers! I may have found one of the reasons I kept coming up empty
handed when looking for Elijah and Lorraine Garfield. Although I had been good to alwas
include alternate spellings of the last name Garfield when sending out letters looking for
info on the Garfield's and in this case, what happened to Elijah's wife, I hadn't expected
this......... In a letter I received from Leicester, VT on May 24, 2002 that I just read today
it lists the following................. ELISHA and LORREIN Garfield.  So you may want to
make a note of that when looking for info on these people. Take care! Chrissy



It all started with an e-mail from Dick who is in FL. to me in WI., telling me about an article that was in the Red Wing Republican Eagle newspaper on 05/24/02...........
'Children discover old headstones' "Two children playing behind a residence on Bush Street unearthed two headstones Wednesday. Police said the children were digging atop a hill behind Bush St.. In doing so they located two headstones. One was marked "Geo. F. Garfield (1860-1924)," while the other was marked "Augusta Garfield (1862-1940)." Police and other city personnel are trying to determine whether the headstones represent a burial site or if they were stolen and disposed of in that location. Authorities reported that the markers appeared to have been permanently placed at that location."
Well, I hurried up and called Willard and Roberta Holcomb, as Willard is not only a Garfield relative, he is the caretaker of the Poplar Hill cemetery in Rock Elm, Pierce Co., WI where George and Augusta Garfield are buried. They had already heard about the story and had contacted authorities to let them know where George and Augusta are buried and that their stones weren't missing. So I started calling the Red Wing Police Dept.and the newspaper over there to find out what I could. I also
asked the Police Dept. to give the home owners my name and number if they wanted to
get rid of the stones.
The Red Wing Republican Eagle ran another article on Thursday, May 30, 2002 and this time it was on the front page. 'Questions about headstones answered' "The mystery involving two headstones unearthed behind a Bush Street residence has apparently been solved. The headstones, marked "Geo. F. Garfield (1860-1924)" and "Augusta Garfield (1862-1940)' were likely flawed and discarded in
favor of others, athorities believe. According to Ray Carlson, a great grandson of the
Garfield's, Augusta Garfield died in 1943 rather than 1940. Relatives of the Garfields also
confirmed to Red Wing authorities that their ancestors are buried in a cemetery in Rock
Elm, Wis. Carlson said he visited the graves within the last month and took pictures. The
stones, after being discarded, apparently were used as part of a retaining wall. Two
children found the stones May 22 behind Bush St."
I believe it was last Sunday evening, June 2, 2002. I finally received a call from the home owner. I explained to her that George and Augusta were my G. Grandpa and Grandma. She told me that they didn't want the stones and that they were just glad to find out no one was buried there. So
Monday, June 3, 2002 early in the evening I packed up my two daughters, my little dog,
my sister, myself, and my husband in my Jimmy and set off for Red Wing.MN. I had to
bring my husband, who else was going to load those heavy things into my truck?
Anyways, when we got there we found the house way up off the street on the side of a
hill. No front yard, no driveway. We had to drive down to the other side of a house to take
an uphill alley to the alley that ran behind this row of houses. No back yard either. Just a
continuation of this hill. I took along a picture of George and Augusta to show the homeowners and their children that found the stones. They had already dug them out and brought them down to the alley behind their house. I had a very nice visit with them, took pictures and rewarded the young boys for their hard work. I then contacted Willard and Roberta again on Tuesday morning and asked them if they knew anything more. This from an e-mail from Willard, "When Augusta died I was pallbearer for that, they decded they were too big so had new ones made smaller." Then I contacted Ray to see what he had found out. He spoke to a gentleman who works for the city of Red Wing and is in charge of one of the cemeteries there. They talked about the mistake on the date of
Augusta's marker. They figured they were discarded by the granite company and given to
someone to make the retaining wall. This gentleman also mentioned that the person
across the street had worked for the granite company at one time and figured he may have
discarded them. So now the mystery ends in my garage, where the stones sit up against
the wall, waiting to see what will happen to them next................................ ~Chrissy~

                                                   WERE TAKEN  OUT OF THE GROUND.
                                                    THE REST OF THE RETAINING WALL
                                                       IS TO THE RIGHT OF THIS SPOT,
                                                  BURIED BY YEARS OF DIRT AND PLANT
                                                       LIFE THAT HAS GROWN OVER IT.



Submited by Ray Carlson, Drusilla's grandson.

Margaret Drusilla (O'Connell) Garfield was born in the tiny Hamlet of Waverly, Wisconsin on
May 25 1901 to James and Margaret O'Connell. At an early age the family migrated to North Dakota where James became a homesteader. They lived in a sod house and attempted to fulfill the requirements of the Homestead Act to eventually obtain deed to the land. When Drusilla( so named because her Mother's name was also Margaret) was 10,her Mother became seriously ill with complications associated with pregnacy and she and her Mother traveled by train to Winnipeg ,Canada to be with relatives and receive medical attention. Drusilla's Mother died several days after arriving in Winnipeg . Subsequently Drusilla returned to live with relatives in Wisconsin while
her Father returned to North Dakota to try to fulfill the homestead requirements. He eventually gave up and returned to Wisconsin where he remarried and settled on a farm in the Elmwood area .Drusilla attended the River Falls Normal School and then married Ralph Garfield in 1920. Ralph and Drusilla left farming in Wisconsin and moved to North East Minneapolis where Ralph worked for the Soo Line Railroad. They raised 3 children, George, Lawrence and Mary Ann. Ralph died in 1969 and is buried at the Fort Snelling National Cemetary. Drusilla has 18 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren. She was 101 on May 25, 2002 and is in good health. She resides at St.Theresa's Home , 2000 Bass Lake Road, Minneapolis,  Minnesota, 55428 and would undoubtedly enjoy hearing from
members of the Ralph Garfield branch of the family. 

How about some belated birthday cards  readers !!