MAY 2002
Dear Readers,
I am so pleased at the responses we have been getting from everybody with information
about the Garfield family. I am also pleased to announce that on the 21st of May we will
be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary online. As of right now we have had over 6000
visitors from countries from all over the world. I know that when we started we never thought
it would grow to be even this big, and now it looks as it will be growing even larger over
the next few years. Although I can not be as active in the site as I would like to be these
days I would like this opportunity to comment and thank my grandfather for all his hard
work and learning he has put into this to make it work. You're doing great Papa. As a final
note I would like to thank everyone again for your support and keep sending in your info,
together we can find the links to all the Garfields out there.

Thanks again, Jim Fagerburg

                          WE GET LETTERS

Hi, just a note to say that I enjoyed your newsletter and would love to continue to receive it. Maybe I can connect some of my Garfield families to yours or vice versa.
Thanx, Phyllis Stark
Phyllis, anything you have about the Garfields we can use, send me an e-mail and lets get together with our information, thanks, Dick

Hello,  This is a wonderful site you have. I just wish I  could make the connection  that everyone tells me there is between the GAFFIELD and GARFIELD names. I am back to 1765 with my GAFFIELD family and have hit a brick wall. My first GAFFIELD is Thomas 1765-1863 married to a Mary (unknown last name) 1870. He was a Mason (emblem on his tombstone) we have his Last Will and Testament, Mary's also, but can get no further back.  They had at least 11 children, started out in Mass. went to Vermont then to Ohio with
three sons coming to Illinois. Great work, keep it going,  Vickie GAFFIELD 
Vickie, don't give up, maybe somebody out there will read this and will be able to help, Dick

Thanks for publishing the newsletter!! I'm looking forward to future editions, Phil.
"grandson of Ella Garfield (Lyman, Moses, Daniel, Thaddeus, Edward, Edward, Joseph
Thanks Phil, we hope to have one every month, Dick

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your newsletter about Garfield history.
Someday I hope to be able to tract the Garfield side of my family history.
For the record, my name is Jeffrey Stuart Garfield, born 4/27/46 to Herbert Edward Stuart
Garfield (2/13/1906-7/14/1980) and Margaret Dougan Garfield (12/25/1917-1/20/2002).
My father's parents were from New York (City?) where they eloped in the late 1800's.
His name was Herbert Edward Garfield (died about 1909 near Spokane, WA) and he was
married to Isabel Hughes (died 1943 in Seattle.) They left New York for Seattle (via
Olympia, WA) about 1900.
I am proud of the name Garfield and hope you keep sending information as received.
Thanks, Jeff Garfield
Thank you Jeff, for all the kind words, Dick

Last month we learned that Jayne Pawlisa has been hard at work trying to get all the information together to join the DAR. We asked Jayne, if she would write a little bit about what she has found out, and maybe it will help others that are tring to do the same thing. This is her reply:

                                  SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (SAR)
1.  Contact library/or local chapter----they have a list of already proven patriots
2.  Contact DAR website----they state requirements; have a work
    application you may print, etc.
3. you are a member or know someone who is:  you
    will have access to census records, military records, personal records.
4.  Ask older family members for any bible records, recollections, documents.
5.  Be prepared for cost of obtaining certified documents, and time involved
6.  National Archives has a website
7.  Rely on help from any direction----it pays off.
8.  Many states, towns, and counties are begining to have great genweb sites
9.  The Morman Church has great website, and wonderful records if you
    have a library nearby.
10.  LAST:  Contact your local chapter----they so want new members---they
     have been very helpful to me, and really want me as a member---they will do all
     they can to help in your search or help in telling you what is needed.

NOTE: we do not publish the e-mail addresses of any of our input sources, if you would
            wish to correspond with any of these people let us know and we will forward your
address to them and they will contact you.


Last month we started a story about the Shrewsbury Junk Shop
run by the Garfield Family  that run in the 1890 Worcester "Telegram".
This month we will finish that story.


Mr. Garfield says his farm is now worth $1200 to $1500, ans says that he has money enouth in Worcester banks to buy two more like it. It is safe to say he has property of over $5000, and it will be left to the only living child of the pair, a married daughter living in Shrewsbury.
The Garfields had one other child, a boy born blind and weak minded, who lived to be 27 years old. The story of his misfortune forms a tragic if simple story. Shortly before he was born an old uncle of Mrs. Garfield's importuned the pair for money. As it was known he had means no attention was paid to him, and then he declared he would have revenge.
His revenge was most horrible and unnatural. He declared he would visit his wrath on the child that was to be born to his niece. He therefore, with diabolical cunning and craft, procured a haddock's head and cut out its eyes. With this awful object in his closed hand he rushed up to Mrs. Garfield and said: "See here! Look at this!" and opened his hand. The poor woman was given a fearful shock and soon give birth to a half-witted boy, having eye sockets but no eyeballs. He was always a harmless fellow, but never said a word that denoted intelligence. With no physical force and without the aid of the laws of man the wicked perpetrator of this outrage punished, but nature, or fate, or God, punished him for his sin, and within a year lost every cent he possessed and died of cancer that ate away one side of his neck and jaw.

NOTE: the Shrewsbury records say George, (the son) died 15 Jan 1878, 21y 5m 9d

Another tragedy was enacted at the Garfield's house that is worth recalling. About ten years ago the man and wife built a shabby little house on their land and rented it to a man and women with three children. One night in a fit of anger the woman struck one of her children a blow that caused its death before the close of the night and on the following morning the house burned to the ground consuming the body of the murdered child.


Mrs Garfield claims that she has kept her husband up in his junk business, and says she taught him how to farm. Until she took hold of him he only knew how to make shoes, but learned from her better than she from him, for when he tried to teach her to cobble she brought the first stroke of the hammer down on her finger and lost a nail. Her great forte has been herb doctoring, and she had won many victories over disease by onion plasters on the chest, and other such wholesome and choice smelling compounds. She has been something of an invalid, and has stuck close to her home. Mr Garfield travels about collecting old stuff, and goes into the city once a week to sell, but his wife has nor been to Worcestr since ground was being broken for the Dummy Railroad.  She asked curiously if Dr. Joseph Sargent was still alive, and when told he had been dead a good many years did not seem suprised to learn that she was behind times, but seemed to think it natural that a five year old story should not have reached her. She was interested in Dr. Sargent, as he examined her blind son at one time.
Mr Garfield informed the writer that he never smoked, but once and then he was "drunk sick". He chewed and never drank but a half pint of liquor, and that was when he was sick, "Water and milk is good enough for me" he said, "and I reckon I'm one of the healthiest men in the county."


He stated that he and his wife had had some pretty hard tussles in order to get their land and keep free from debt. At one time they owned $35 and picked cowslips and sold them in the city, earning $40, thus making them square again. Another time, in order to clear themselves of debt, they lived for a long while on crackers and sweetened water, drinking their well dry.
The writer asked Mr Garfield why, when his cousin was President, he did not strike him for a position as Minister to the Court of St. James or something of that sort, but the old fellow said he thought he could do better in the junk business. He said that he was a Republican, but did not seem to know much about politics. "There have been Democrat and Republican presidents,"  said he, "and my health and my business hain't changed much. Your vittles taste the same wheather you have a table cloth or not, and I guess its the same with life, whether Republicans or Democrats are in office."

(How many of you readers know what cowslips are? I do, I have picked them and ate them. They are a green that grows wild along creek banks in the early spring. When picked young before they blossom out they are good eating, like spinach.)

This is a picture of the William Garfield in the above story "Better Than Barnum"
with him standing by the entrance to his Junkyard.

William Garfield died May 26, 1899, 82 yrs, 8m, 22d, of heart disease at Gulf St., Shrewsbury, MA
and buried at Shrewsbury, MA. He was a farmer and junk dealer. He was born at Sudbury,
(His death record states he was born in Sudbury but the Vital Record does not record his birth there)
son of William Garfield (place of birth unknown) and Sally Whitcomb (place of birth Marlboro).


In the last month I have received two family tree lines of the Moses Garfield,
Hannah Tousley, marrage from two different people. Both lines agree that Moses was
the son of Caleb Chase Garfield of the 7th generation of Garfields here in America,
but I was given 3 different versions of the first six generations. Below I have printed
out the family line as my records show, and I would like to hear from you, the readers,
as how you have this family line listed.
Also, if you will go to the Garfield Families website's mainpage and click on pictures,
we now have Moses/Hannah pictures under both family and headstones, plus George
and Augusta (Howard) Garfield pictures under family. George was the son of Moses.
  Thanks, Dick

                                     JOHN        EDWARD       RALPH
                                     b           b 1575       b
                                     m           m Woman      m
                                     d 1618        Unknown    d 1607
                                                 m Rebecca         
                                                 m Johanna
                                                 d 1672

                             02:01      02:02    02:03   02:04       02:05
                             SAMUEL     JOSEPH  REBECCA BENJAMIN    ABIGAIL
                             b 1624     b 1637  b 1640  b 1643      b 1646
                             m Susanna  m Sarah m Isaac m Mehitable m John
                               Benfield   Gale    Mixer   Hawkins     Parkhurst
                             m Mary     d 1692  d 1687  m Elizabeth d 1726
                               Benfield         __:___    Bridge    ___:_____
                             d 1684             MIXER   d 1717      PARKHURST
                                                FAMILY              FAMILY 

            03:25  03:26       03:27   03:28     03:29      03:30    03:31    03:32    03:33
          b 1674   b 1675    b 1679    b 1680    b 1683     b 1685  b 1687    b 1690   b 1695                             m        m Abigail m         m Mercy   m Benjamin m James m John    m Mary   m
          dAF 1700   Stearns d 1700      Bigelow   Brown      Jones   Jones     Bowman d 1717
                   m Mary              d 1752    d 1737     d       d 1772    d            
                     Bird                        __:___      __:___  __:___     
                   d 1725                        BROWN       JONES   JONES      
                                                 FAMILY      FAMILY  FAMILY     

       04:34      04:35      04:36   04:37       04:38       04:39      04:40    04:41     04:42
     b 1715/6     b 1718   b 1721    b 1723      b 1725      b 1727    b 1730    b 1732    b 1735
     m Abigail    m Josiah m Ephraim m Josiah    m Nathaniel m Phebe   m Tabitha m Hannah  m Nathaniel 
       Harrington   Mixer    Moore     Livermore   Green       Worster   Newhall   Chase     Sargeant
     d            d 1754   d         d           d           d 1776    m Eunice  m Sarah   d
                  ___:___  ___:___   ___:_____   __:___                  Chase     Sherman ___:___
                  MIXER    MOORE     LIVERMORE   GREEN                 d         d 1813    SARGEANT
                  FAMILY   FAMILY    FAMILY      FAMILY                                    FAMILY

                                         05:86   05:87   05:88   
                                         MARY   BENJAMIN ELIJIAH 
                                         b 1739 b 1740   b 1741  
                                         m      m Lucy   m       
                                         d        Chase  d       
                                                d 1824           

                      06:179   06:180   06:181     06:182   06:183 06:184    06:185
                      b 1765   b 1767   b 1768     b 1771   b 1772 b 1779    b
                      m Eunice m Lydia  m Lorraine m Rhoda  m      m Abigail m
                        Pond     Parker   Morrill    Pond   d        __?__   d infant
                      d 1841   d 1822   m Lorraine d 1819          d
                                        d 1825

    07:179     07:180    07:181   07:182   07:183   07:184   07:185    07:186       07:187     07:188
    b         b          b        b        b        b        b 1791    b 1792      b 1794     b 1798
    m         m          m        m        m        m        m         m Electa    m          m Fanna
    d         d          d        d        d        d        d 1791      Averill   d            Fisk
                                                                       m Amanda               d
                                                                       m Permelia
                                                                       d 1859

                                        08:98  08:99      08:100
                                       WILLIAM MOSES     SELUCIUS
                                       b       b 1818    b 1822
                                       m       m Hannah  m Sara                                                                                        d         Tousley   Perry
                                               d 1885    m Juliett
                                                         d 1883

  09:52  09:53  09:54  09:55  09:56       09:57   09:58    09:59        09:60      09:61   09:62  09:63
b 1841   b 1843 b 1845 b 1847 b 1850    b 1853    b 1855   b 1857       b 1860    b 1862   b 1864 b 1866
m Henry  m      m      m      m Thomas  m Maggie  m Edward m David      m Augusta m Julia  m      m Ethel
  Girven d 1849 d 1865 d 1851   Bibby     Rodman    Parker   Sturdevant   Howard    Reagan d 1865  Bergeman
d 1873                        m Martin  m Mildred d 1933   d 1933        d 1924   d 1943          d 1908
__:___                          Simpson   O'Hara  __:___   ____:_____
GIRVEN                        d 1905    d 1943    PARKER   STURDEVANT
FAMILY                        ___:___             FAMILY   FAMILY

                        10:42  10:43    10:43A   10:43B    10:43C  10:43D  10:43E
                        EVA    CLAUDE   JAMES   FLORANCE   ELWYN   ALICE   MILDRED
                        b 1876 b 1881   b 1893  b 1897     b 1900  b 1902  b 1905
                        m      m        m       m          m       m       m
                        d 1878 d        d       d          d       d       d

10:44  10:44A    10:44B     10:44C   10:44D    10:44E      10:44F    10:44G   10:44H    10:44I   10:44J
b 1883 b 1887    b 1889    b 1891    b 1895      b 1898    b 1900    b 1902   b 1903    b 1905   b 1909
m      m Alvin   m Clara   m         m Drusilla  m Leonard m Elmer   m Merton m Violet  m Harold m John
d 1886   Holcomb   Reinkey d 1979      O'Connell   Mercer    Wilkens   Mercer   Parsons   Condit   McKnight
      d 1975    d 1967              d 1969      d         d 1967    d 2000   d 1977    d 1980   d 1973
      ___:___                                   ___:__    ___:___   ___:__             ___:__   ___:____
      HOLCOMB                                   MERCER    WILKENS   MERCER             CONDIT   McKNIGHT
      FAMILY                                    FAMILY    FAMILY    FAMILY             FAMILY   FAMILY

                                          09:61               09:63
                                    _______________          _______
                                 10:44A1 10:44A2 10:44A3     10:44B1
                                 HELENA  LOUIS   HANNAH        EVA  
                                 b       b       b             b 1903
                                 m       m Agnes m             m Louis
                                 d         __?__ d 1973          Schomman
                                         d                     d 1955    

                  11:16A   11:16B        11:16C   11:16D     11:16E   11:16F    11:16G
                 b 1918    b 1920        b 1922   b 1923     b 1925   b 1927    b 1929
                 m Lloyd   m Marjorie    m Betty  m Gerald   m Joyce  m Neil    m Otto
                   Fraysa    Schweitzer    Huber    Mercer     Larson   Bailey    Sandvig
                 d         d             d 1999   d          d 1998   d 2000    d 1983
                 ___:__                           ___:___              ___:___  ___:___
                 FRAYSA                           MERCER               BAILEY   SANDVIG
                 FAMILY                           FAMILY               FAMILY   FAMILY

                                  10:44-D                            10:44-H
                       __________________________                   __________
                    11:16A1      11:16A2       11:16A3           11:16B1    11:16B2
                    GEORGE       LAURENCE      MARY              DONALD     GLORIA             
                    b 1929       b 1931        b 1940            b 1928     b 1930
                    m Donna      m Joanne      m John            m          m Richard
                      Brookshaw    Eckenroth     Carlson         d            Nelson
                    d            d             d                            d 1982
                                               ___:___                      ___:__
                                               CARLSON                      NELSON
                                               FAMILY                       FAMILY

                 11:16-B                 11:16-C                              11:16-E
         ___________________             ________                __________________________________
      12:01A1     12:01A2 12:01A3     12:01B1  12:01B2        12:01C1 12:01C2  12:01C3   12:01C4 12:01C5
      b 1944      b 1948  b 1957      b 1944   b 1946         b 1955  b 1953   b 1963    b 1963  b 1970
      m Carolyn   m       m           m        m Patricia     m Peter m Linda  m Jackie  m       m
        Borkowski d       d           d          Brown          Nied    Werner   Shaefer d       d
      d                                        d              d       d        d

        12:01D1   12:01D2    12:01D3   12:01D4   12:01D5    12:01D6   12:01D7       12:01D8 12:01D9
        b 1951    b 1952     b 1954    b 1955    b 1958     b 1960    b 1961        b 1963  b 1965
        m John    m John     m Joseph  m Joanne  m Marilyn  m Daniel  m Thomas      m       m Robert
          Hughes    Farsace    Ferraro   Cotter    Gitner     Mee       Deisenroth            Horak
        d         d          d         d         d          d         d             d       d
        ___:__    ___:___    ___:___                        ___:__    ___:______            ___:__
        HUGHES    FARSACE    FERRARO                        MEE       DEISENROTH            HORAK 
        FAMILY    FAMILY     FAMILY                         FAMILY    FAMILY                FAMILY

      12:01-A1             12:01-B2            12:01-C2                    12:01-D4             12:01-D5
      _________            _______         _______________              _______________          _______
   13:02A1   13:02A2       13:02B1      13:02C1 13:02C2 13:02C3      13:02D1 13:02D2 13:02D3     13:02E1
   b 1970    b 1970        b 1991       b 1980  b 1983  b 1987       b       b       b           b
   m __?__   m             m            m       m       m            m       m       m           m
     Perrone d             d            d       d       d            d       d       d           d


Once again we want to thank Susan McIlvene, of Shrewsbury, MA for digging up and copying all this Garfield history, and Jayne Mills Pawlisa, who spent hours with a magnifing glass deciphering the copied documents.  Thanks, ladies!!!

                            From the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Records: Vol. 5, Pg 312 & 313

                               DANIEL GARFIELD'S LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT
                                                                    June 18, 1757

                                               (Son of Samuel Garfield & Mary Benfield,
                        grandson of Edward Garfield of Kilsby and Watertown, Massachusetts.)

In the year of our Lord the eighteenth Day of June Anno Domini one thousand seven
hundred and fifth seven~~~~

I Daniel Garfield of Shrewsbury in the County of Worcester within the province of and Massachusetts Bay New England, Yeoman being under weakness and great disorder of body but of a sound mind and memory praised be God yet considering myself in a mortal state as to my body, wherefore I do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament principally and first of all I comitt my Immortal Soul into the Hand of God that gave it and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in a Christian manner nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection I shell receive the same again by the mighty Power of God and including such worldly Estate God hath bestowed upon me. I give demise and dispose of in the following manor and form. First I order that my just debts and funeral charges be paid by my Executrix and Executor here after to be named then~~~~

Item: I give to Mary my well beloved wife the improvement one half of my house and
        barn and all my home place of land during her natural life and also the improvement of
        one half of all my moveable Estate within doors and without~~~~

Item: I give to my eldest son John Garfield ten schillings besides which I have already
        given him by Deed

Item: I give to my son Daniel Garfield ten schillings besides what I have already given
        him by Deed

Item: I give to my son Ebenezer Garfield ten schillings besides what I have already give
        him by Deed

Item: I give to my son Moses Garfield ten schillings besides what I have already give him
        by Deed

Item: I give to my youngest son Aaron Garfield the whole of my home place house barn
        and lands excepting the one half of and improvement reserved to his mother. Also I give
        to the said Aaron all the outdoors moveable including creatures reserving his mothers

Item: I give to my daughter Mary Garfield twenty eight acres of land and half portion of
        an acre of land to the north portion of Shrewsbury adjoining ---(1)--- Farm as may appear
        by plans upon record~~~~

Further I give to my daughter Mary six pounds thirteen schillings and four pence of which
sum she is to receive one third yearly~~~~

Further I give to my daughter Mary one bed and the furniture thereof and one third of the
indoor moveable after her mother deceases. Furthermore it is my will that my daughter
Mary Garfield have the liberty of improving and dwelling in one five rooms during life or
so long as she remains a single person unless her brother Aaron Garfield see cause to
build a small house for his sister. Improvement that what be thought equal to the privilege
granted her in the old house~~~~

Item: I give to Damares my granddaughter the daughter of Mary Garfield above said her
        bringing up out of my Estate untill she is ten years of age, she live with her uncle Aaron
        and longer if she see cause~~~

Furthermore it is my will that the payment of what is given and bequeathed to my
respective children be deferred untill their mother deceases excepting the payment to
Mary Garfield above said.

And I do hereby authorize make and ordain my trusty and well beloved wife Mary and
Aaron my son to be Executrix and Executor of this Will and Testament being both of
Shrewsbury in the County aforesaid~~~ And I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and
dismiss all and every other former Testament Will Legacy and bequests and executed by
me in any way before named and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to
be my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal
the day and year above written~~~~

                                                                                     DANIEL GARFIELD(SEAL)

Signed Sealed and Published pronounced and Declared by said Daniel Garfield to be his
last Will and Testament in presence of us:
                                                                  Job Cushing 
                                                                  Asa Brigham 
                                                                  Sam Crosby

Note: (1) can't make out this word--looks like Lotts

In notice to all people to whom these documents shall come John Chandler Judge of
Probate of Wills in the County of Wocester within the province of Massachusetts Bay in
New England lendeth grace. Know ye that on the 15th. day of August Anno Domini 1757
the Instrument hence arrived purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Daniel
Garfield late of Shrewsbury in said County and province. Yeoman Deed was presented
for probate by Mary Garfield and Aaron Garfield Executors therein thence named. Then
present the Reverend Mr. Job Cushing, Asa Brigham and Sam Crosby the witnesses
thereto signed who made Oath that they saw said Testator sign seal and heard him declare
the said Instrument to be the last Will and Testament and that they all signed their names
together as witnesses to the Execution thereof in said Testators presence and that he was
then to the best of their judgement of sound and disposing mind~~~I do approve and
allow offered said Instrument as the last Will and Testament of the before named
deceased and do comitt the administration thereof in all matters the same concerning and
of his Estate whereof he ---(2)--- and ---(3)--- in said County unto the before named
Executors well and faithfully to Execute the said will and to admitt the Estate of said
deceased according therewith who accepted of the said Trust to return an inventory in 3
months or give Bond to fullfill the will and they shall render an all countryman Oath of
their proceedings when then unto Lawfully required. In thstimony whereof I have
hereunto set my Hand and Seal of Office the Day and year above written~~~

                                                                                     John Chandler(Seal)

By order of his honorable:
                                         Judge Timothy Paine, Registrar

Note: (2) can't make out this word--looks like died
        (3) can't make out this word--looks like nosesed/nopesed/nopared

Note: The Will of Daniel Garfield has been added to the "Wills & Records"  section along
        with that of his grandfather Edward Garfield, assessable from the site's mainpage.

                                 IN WISCONSIN

When you can't get in the front door, sometimes you need to go around and try coming in
the back way. Case in point, the never ending walls one runs into while researching their
family tree, in this case, THE GARFIELD'S. So here I am at yet another back door....

(From "The Averell-Averill-Avery Family" A record of the Descendants of William and
Abigail Averell of Ipswich, Mass. In Two Volumes Vol. 1 Compiled by Clara A. Avery
Reprinted by - Higginson Book Company. pg. 381)

"The Surrogate's Office for Ontario Co., N.Y.,is at Canandaigua, and the Clerk of the Court
sending a copy of the will of Elisha Averill, stated that Farmington at the date the will was
drawn included the Town of Manchester. In the Court Copy of the record of Elisha Averill's will,
we find it distinctly marked:  "Copy. Will of General Elisha Averill." _____Record Of Elisha
Averill's Will_____ In the Name of  God, Amen. I, Elisha Averill, of the Town of Farmington,
in the County of Ontario and State of New York, do make, ordain and declare this instrument
and every part thereof subscribed with  my name, to be the last Will and Testament.
All my debts are to be punctually paid, and the  legacies hereinafter bequeathed are to be
discharged as soon as circumstances will permit.

ITEM:- To my dearly beloved wife, Mary Averill, I give and bequeath my whole estate real and
          personal, to be used and disposed of as she may think proper.

ITEM:- To my sons, Leman Averill, John R. Averill, Fitch C. Averill and Elisha Averill, and to my   
         daughters, Eunis Sawyer, LORANIA GAFFIELD, Polly Edgerton, Betsey Downer, Amelia
         Stewart, Gitty Averill and Loiza Lines, each, the sum of Ten Shillings."

"Be it remembered, that on thetwenty-fourth day of August, in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and twenty-one."

pg. 382-383.... "Children (some of them were probably b. in Connecticut, and the others at
Pawlet,VT. Order not ascertained): 654 vi. LORANIA, m. before Aug., 1821, _____ GAFFIELD;
living Aug., 20, 1821."


Jackie Garfield, of Tulsa, OK  and I have been working for quit some time trying to find the parentage of her grandfather, Watson Garfield and his 8 brothers and sisters. Anyone having any information on this family please let me know. Thanks, Dick

1) Watson Edison Garfield
   b. June 26, 1891 in Oklahoma
   d. December 12, 1945 in Wichita, Kansas buried in Enid, Oklahoma on December 18, 1945
       married: Mabel Jane Markey
                      b. April 12, 1903
                      d. June 18, 1966 in Kansas City, Kansas buried in Enid, Okahoma

    (A) Jack Myers Garfield (Son of Watson & Mabel)
         b. September 19, 1931 near Oklahoma City, OK
         d. June 28, 1977 in Gueda Springs, Kansas buried in Gueda Springs, Kansas
             married: Dollie Mae Eddings (This is Dollie's 2nd. marrage)
                            Dollie had 5 children before marrying Jack, Jack and Dollie had 8 children.

(2) Eugene Garfield
(3) Janette Garfield
(4) Waltena Garfield
(5) Audrie Garfield
(6) Victoria Garfield
(7) Richard Garfield
(8) Carl Garfield, b. February 27, 1926 - d. January 1967
(9) Roxanna Garfield

          Also buried in Enid, Oklahoma Cemetary:
              1-Carl William Garfield, buried January 28, 1967
              2-Georgia Lee Garfield, buried November 17, 1927
              3-Mary V. Garfield, buried September 16, 1922
              4-Roxanne Lee Garfield, buried September 11, 1954 (infant)


Pres & Mrs James A. Garfield
        Caskets draped
  Picture added to Find A Grave by:
     Jim Tipton on 02-19-2000
Pres & Mrs James A. Garfield
         Caskets plain
  Picture added to Find A Grave by:
             Elliot on 03-16-1999
    Garfield Mausoleum
    Lake View Cemetery
        Cleveland, OH
Picture added to Find A Grave by:
    Jim Tipton on 02-19-2000
Jimmy Fagerburg
     Dick Garfield