MARCH 2002


This is our first attempt at writing a Garfield Newsletter. Whether it will be the first of
many, or the first and last depends on the response we receive from you, our readers.
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Each month we hope to have a section on early Garfield History, Garfield family stories
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not print your input without your permission.

First, a little bit about the people behind the Garfield In America and GarfieldFamilies.

                             (Dick) Garfield, was born and raised on a dairy farm in the southwest                                  corner of New York State. I was the youngest of 8 children, went to a                                  1 room school house with 8 grades and 1 teacher before going to the                                 local central school. I married my highschool sweetheart Nancy, in                                     1954 in Washington, D.C. while on leave from the Air Force. I spent 1                                  year in Korea with the 311th Ftr. Bmb. Sqd and am a disabled                                             Korean War Vet.  Was in Walter Reed Hosp. in Washington, D.C. with                                 rehabilitation in Maryland. Nancy and I moved to Florida in 1969 and still live in the north central part of the state. After retiring we try to spend our summers back on the family farm in SW NYS or traveling in our RV.

                             James (Jim) Fagerburg, grandson of Dick Garfield, just finished                                           highschool and is living at home with his parents in a small town east                                of Buffalo, N.Y. Jimmy, was born in North Carolina and has lived and                                  gone to school in Wisconsin, Calif., Arizona, Oklahoma and New York,                               and was a great soccer player in highschool. Jim goes to college full                                time, is a Vol Fireman, also studying EMT plus working part time. A                                    very busy young man. Jimmy has a great interest in the Garfield family and sets up most of the sites we are using on the internet. Jim can be reached at:                                                       

Garfield Family Story:
It seems that in 1997 Alan and Susan McIlvene purchased a home at 398 Walnut St., City
of Shrewsbury, County of Worcester, State of Mass. When the McIlvene started looking
at their deed they found that the property was owned by a family named Garfields for
about 150 years. Wanting to know more about these Garfields they started doing some
research. After much research they have found a gold mine on the early Garfields in the
Shrewsbury area. Also at that time they found our web-site on the internet and contacted
us asking if we would be interested in what they had found. Would we ever!! Over the
next few newsletters, as we get things straightened out we will be printing what they have forwarded to us, which includes wills, transfers of property and family stories.

Garfield History:
On Dec 30, 1718 the 10th house lot in Shrewsbury, consisting of 72.75 acres was given to
John Sherman.

Jan 27, 1729 John Sherman sold the property to Daniel Garfield(03:15)

In 1745 Daniel(03:15) sold 30 acres, plus 4 acres meadow to his son Daniel(04:03)

In 1750 Daniel(03:15) sold acreage to his son Moses(04:06)

In 1751 Daniel(03:15) sold 20 acres to another son Ebenezer(04:04)

In 1759 Daniel(04:03) sold his property to his brother Moses(04:06) for 26 pounds and 13

In 1808 Abijah(05:10) the son of Ebenezer(04:04) sold some acreage to his brother

Again in 1826 Abijah(05:10) sold his brother Ebenezer(05:09) more acreage

Note: The numbers (00:00) are our ref # in the Garfields In America site

In 1869 Mary D. Garfield and Charlotte A. Davenport of Mendon to Charles E. Garfield,
son of Edwin M. Garfield. (Charles pays Charlotte $1000.00 and guarantees his mother's
right to life tenancy) 
Note: Mary D. Arnold was the wife of Edwin M. Garfield, and Charlotte Augusta
(Garfield) Davenport was Charles' sister.

1877 Arnold Garfield, minor of Charles E. Garfield, to Lorenzo Whitney. Sold at public
auction for the benefit of minor children of Charles E. Garfield: Charlotte E. Garfield,
Arnold M. Garfield and Charles L. Garfield (license granted to Rhoda Burns for
guardianship of estate and children) The farm consisted of 34 acres at this time.
Note: Charles E. Garfield was married to Rhoda A. Goddard, it is our belief that Rhoda
Burns is Charles' widow after she married a Burns.

1877 Lorenzo Whitney to Rhoda A. Burns

1882 Rhoda A. Burns to Orinda E. Marsh

1887 Orinda e. Marsh to Ferdinand Chapin (aka Chapu)

1894 Ferdinand Chapin to Ralph Papineau

1903 Papineau to Florenca A. Burgess

1906 Florence A. Burgess to George Sargent

1954 Grace J. Sargent to Whilhemina Dunn

1968 Whilhemina Dunn Pilsworth to Robert Hurt - 3 acres (See note below)

1970 Robert Hurt to Worcester Foundation of Experimental Biology

1973 Worcester Foundation to Joseph A. Polito

1978 Joseph A. Polito to G. D. Infanti

1980 G. D. Infanti to Dana Hardy

1997 Dana Hardy to Alan & Susan McIlvene (Current owners)

Note: Of the remaining 31 acres of the farm, W. Dunn Pilsworth and her heirs sold off
small lots until there were 11 acres left. These 11 acres were sold to a developer in 1999
and are currently being developed.

To see a picture of the original Garfield farmhouse go to our site
WWW.GarfieldFamilies.Com and click on "Pictures" from the mainpage then click on
"Family Pictures" then on "Maple Farm".

Unidentified Garfields:
We are looking for the parents of Edwin M. Garfield, the husband of Mary D. (Arnold)
Garfield, listed above. We have found where Edwin Miranda Cutler of Shrewsbury, MA
was adopted and took the name of Edwin Miranda Garfield, but who adopted him? Was it
Ebenezer(05:09) the last purchaser of the farm in 1826 and then the farm was left to
Edwin and his wife Mary.??

Any help anybody can give us would be great. We are looking for articles to be put in the
Garfield Family Stories, Garfield History and of course the Unidentified Garfields. Many
of you have signed our guest book and promised to get back with us with information on
your family line, and many of you have, thank you.  Others have not and we could really
use that information. So someday why not sit down and send us an e-mail with your
family line information, thanks.

This will wind up this Newsletter, if you liked it let us know, and if you didn't let us
know that also. To be removed from our mailing list, or to add someone to our mailing
list contact me at

Thanks everybody, Dick Garfield and Jim Fagerburg
W. DUNN 1960
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