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Dear Readers:
April showers sure brought out the May flowers here, the roadsides are alive with wildflowers. Mostly Phlox and Brown Eyed Susans, along with many others. It was three years ago today (May 21, 2000) that we started the website, and we have had in these three years just short of 10,000 visitors. I think that is great!! That is an average of just over 9 visitors per day.  Now, with that many people looking for information on the Garfield's, don't you think you should get your family line on the site? Send me your family tree and also some pictures and lets show these people that we are proud of our Garfield surname and those who came before us and helped settle this great land! Thanks everybody, Dick.


Nancy Risdon wrote:
Re: PATRIOTS' DAY MARCH,  Lincoln and Concord, MA  
April 21, 2003

Ernest Garfield's grand daughter, Claudia Cooley, was honored to join her Uncle, Robert
Cunningham, on his 35th year as a Lincoln Minuteman.  Mr. Cunningham began
participating in the Patriots' day reenactment when the town of Lincoln first organized an
imitation militia in 1967. Since that time troop members have recreated the day the
Revolutionary war began. 
The march begins along Sandy Point Road in Lincoln and continues to Concord Center
where they meet the Concord Minutemen and join the annual Patriots' Day Parade.    
Claudia Cooley's home is in Richland, Washington. 
Robert Cunningham's wife was Margaret Garfield [Cunningham] 
Submitted by Claudia's mother    Nancy Garfield Risdon.
Thanks Nancy, for forwarding that information. I am sure that was an honor to march along side her Uncle.

The following are parts from a letter that I received from Bunny Gaffield:

Have enjoyed reading all your Newsletters.  I was especially interested to read the bit about the Rosecrans and Garfield connection.  My sister married a Rosecrans, though unfortunately she lost him about 8 yrs ago to pancreatic cancer.  We spent Easter with her and her family and they were delighted to have the information. 
I've also been following the saga of Eunice Cooley and Ben Gaffield/Garfield.  By the way, I have been to the cemetery in Vernon, Vt. where Jemima Sartwell (Phipps, Howe, Tute) is buried.  Reading her epitaph and looking down at the river and the land gives one a real sense of history.  There is a wonderful historical novel based on her life entitled "Not Without Peril" by Marguerite Allis.  I have a copy which I read many years ago and really should read again.  It had been a difficult book to find, but did a search on the internet and see that in 1989 the Old Fort No. Four Assn. did a reprint and the book is now more available.  As I recall, there were many references to Benjamin, Eunice, and their daughter, Eunice.  All the accounts of the captivity story I have read over the years indicate that they only had the one child, Eunice.  By the way, does anyone know when and where she was born.
From an account in a Vermont Historical Society publication on Hilkiah Grout, there was reference to the captivity and the footnote after Benjamin Gaffield's name referred to "History of Northfield, Massachusetts" by J. H. Temple and George Sheldon.
The Grout's had also lived in Winchester, NH for a few years prior to moving to Brigemans Fort together with the families of Caleb Howe and Benjamin Gaffield.  I still can't figure out where Nathaniel fits in.
Through my son-in-law's basic Ancestry subscription did come across the following data which you may already have, but I found interesting.  This is from the Worcester County, Mass. Probate Index, Vol 1 & 2, A-Z, July 1731-1881.

Record Date      Surname     Given Name         Residence           Record Type
   1756              Garfield        Nathaniel        Ft Dumoner, NH     Guardianship
   1756              Garfield        Benjamin                "                            "
   1756              Garfield        Elijah                      "                            "
   1756              Garfield        Samuel                   "                            "

Don't know if this means anything to  you, but thought I'd pass it on.  There were also
many other Garfield transactions listed.  One would have to get the actual record for the details.

Here's another interesting tidbit.  My husband's nephew who lives in Vt. bought an old house last yr. on the outskirts of Bradford, Vt..  In researching the deeds found it once had belonged to Moses V. Gaffield, The grandson of John (b. 1772) and Elizabeth Gaffield.  Because of this, my sister-in-law, who also lives in Bradford, had started doing some research.  Decided to walk the cemetery one day and found three gravestones off by
themselves at the edge of the cemetery.  One was for John (1772), one for Elizabeth Aldrich, and the other for Moses V. and his wife, Caroline Wilson.  I know John died in Mass. and believe Eliz. did too, so someone had them moved back to Bradford.  All these years and no one knew where they were buried.
Have recently been trying to do some research on Reuben Gaffield/Garfield.  In my mother-in-law's old box of clippings, came across an obituary for a Raymond Tucker in the Boston area who's wife was the former Mabel Gaffield.  Through much searching have determined she was the daughter of Frank W. Gaffield.  He, I believe, was the son of Reuben Reed Gaffield and Mary Cram.  That's as far as I've been able to get.  There are two Reubens in my husbands line and I know there are others out there.  Which one this is I'm not sure.  .

Bunny Gaffield

Thanks Bunny for all that information, and she also says she would be willing to help others with what information she has on the Garfield/Gaffield families.

Agnes l Mitchell wrote:
I hand copied several of these and then got busy and did not send them.  Will start now.
If I run out of time, more later!!! I have some books I haven't searched yet.  Also the
Bond's Watertown.  If anyone canot find that in a library it is not indexed, but can search
in the Garfield family pages.
Election Roll, Stockton, Chaut., NY 1901 none
Cattaraugus County NY Directory 1874, none
Chautauqua County Directory, 1918 following  all Garfields:
A. F. (Louise); H. S. (Estella); H.S. & Estella Garfield are my Grandparents,Joe (Florence) Joe & Florence Garfield are my parents. Dick.
Desc. of Hugh Mason in America, all Garfields
Abigail, Anna, Daniel, Deborah, Edward, Jonathan,
Mary, Mary (Benfield), Roberta M. Roger J. Samuel,
Sarah, Sarah (Brooks), Stella M. , Thaddeus
History of Warren County, PA;  1887 A.P., Agnes (Brown), Joseph, Lucy  P,
Samuel, Sherman (Dr.)
Vermont Families in 1791 Vol. 1, Hannah Garfield
Western NY Land Transactions 1804-1824;
Aid, D, John, Jr, Relly, Samuel, Wm. B.
book "Roger Williams of Providence, Desc."  Nellis Garfield
Dana Family (large book)  Edward Brown Garfield, James R., Janet (Dodge) John
Newell Garfield, Mary Huntington (Brown) Garfield
Will do more books later.  Also willing to search any book with an index for any other
surnames our Garfield cousins are looking for. Thanks Agnes, for the information, hope to see you this summer, Dick.


From "Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County, MASS"

Moses Dwinell Garfield, eldest son of Andrew Bliss Garfield was born in Auburn, but
recorded in Millbury, Massachusetts, November 28, 1835 His parents moved to Millbury,
the birthplace of his mother, when he was only three months old, He attended the public
schools of Millbury, and at the age of twenty-one went to work for Ezra Marble, of
Sutton, Massachusetts, a manufacturer of shuttles of all descriptions, and was in his
employ nearly all the time until June, 1863, when the shuttle business of the firm of
Chase, Wilder & Clarkof Wilkinsonville, Massachusetts, was bought out, and the
business was continued under the firm name of Wilder, Searles and Garfield. In the
summer of 1864, during the civil war, the price of gold was so high and so fluctuating,
that the porcelain shuttle eyes which are put into the sides of the shuttles for the thread to
pass through in the process of weaving were not imported, and it became impossible to
get them. They were then forced to take them from worn out shuttles, thus obtaining a
very limited supply and causing much inconvenience. Mr Garfield was therefore strongly
impressed with the idea that these shuttle eyes should be made in this country and that
the manufacturers should not be obliged to depend upon importation for them. Thinking
the subject over, he became convinced that he could make the necessary equipmanet for
manufacturing porcelain shuttle eyes. In the fall of 1864 Mr. Garfield sold his interest in
the shuttle business to his partner, Mr. Wilder, and turned his attention to preparing an
outfit for making the shuttle eyes. After making the necessary tools and machines, he
purchased a place in Millbury, situated on Greenwood street, near Taintor Hill road, and
commmenced their manufacture, and has continued it to the present time (1906), a period
of over forty years, supplying the demands of the country. For the past twenty years, in
additon to the manufacture of the shuttle eyes, he has made thread compressors of the
same material which, when completed, is harder than the hardest of steel. The holes of
these compressors have to be made very accurately, different sizes being one
one-thousandth of an inch apart. Many of these compressors have been exported, as they
are not made anywhere else. He has also made many styles of thread guides, which are
used for various purposes in mills. He has also practiced surveying during the past forty
years for the accommodaion of his townspeople.


GHan wrote:
According to Susan McIlvene, of Shrewsbury, MA the Vital Records of Warwick, MA
show that Joshua 1751-1828   05-14 and Abigail (Rawson) 1755-1831 Garfield are the
parents of Moses Garfield (Susan has him as Doctor Moses Garfield??) 
This will connect the following line to your line of Garfields.
From your June 2002 issue of The Garfield Familes Newsletter "Also once more Susan
McIlvene, of Shrewsbury, MA has found and copied for us  some more Vital Records for which we are most graceful.

Warwick, MA Vital Records

BIRTHS  Garfields:
Charles Garfield, son to Joshua Garfield and Abigail Garfield his wife was born
August 5, 1776
Doctor Moses Garfield, son to Joshua and Abigail Garfield was born December
the 7th 1777"

Descendants of Joshua Garfield:

1   Joshua Garfield 1751 - 1828
   +Abigail Rawson 1755 - 1831
        2   Charles Edward Garfield 1776 -
        2   Moses Garfield  1777 - 1860
             +Mary (Polly) Bliss 1781 - 1836
                   3   Joshua Garfield 1799 -
                   3   Ira Garfield    1800 - 1800
                   3   Eli Garfield    1802 - 1802
                   3   Mary Garfield   1803 - 1806
                   3   Gardner Garfield    1805 - 1900
                        +Fannie Unknown 1809
                   3   Ansel Holmes Garfield  1807 - 1857
                        +Elvira Raymond 1803 - 1852
                                  4   Ansel U. Garfield   1844 -
                                  4   Female Garfield 1846 -
                                  4   Male Garfield   1847 -
                   3   Andrew Bliss Garfield  1809 - 1894
                        +Hannah Doggett Dwinnell    1808 - 1892
                                  4   Leonard Dwinnell Garfield   1844 -
                                       +Louise Thompson    1859 -
                                             5 Chester Arthur Garfield 1881 - 1962
                                  4   Moses Dwinnell Garfield 1836 -
                                       +Eliza Ann Burnap   1836 -
                                             5  Elizabeth M. Garfield   1867
                                             5   Hugh Garfield   1869 -
                                                  +Allene Edwards 1871 -
                                  4   Andrew Paine Garfield   1838 -
                                  4   Hannah E. Garfield  1839 -
                                  4   Julia G. Garfield   1841 - 1842
                                  4   Susan M. Garfield   1842 -
                                       +John Woodbury Marble   1835 - 1905
                                             5   Fred Marble 1862 - 1862
                                             5   Charles E. C. Marble    1871 - 1871
                   3   Susan Maria Garfield   1811 -
                        +David S. Southwick
                   3   Nancy Garfield  1813 - 1840
                   3   Moses Jr. Garfield  1816
                        +Mary Salina Boom  1822 -
                                  4   Mary A. Garfield  1850 -
                                  4   Flora J.Garfield   1861 -
                                  4   Ellen S.Garfield   1849 -
                                       +James C.Prentice  1848 -
                                             5  Julia A. Prentice   1876 -
                                             5  Chester M. Prentice 1878 -
                                             5  Grace M. Prentice   1880 -
                    3   Abigail Garfield    1820
                 *2nd Wife of Moses Garfield:   
                 +Mrs Mary Reed 
         2   William Garfield    1778 -
         2   Artimus Garfield    1779 -
              +Martha Gilman  1788 -
                    3   Lucy M. Garfield   
                         +Charles W. King   
        2   Lucy Garfield   1782 -
             +Gideon Horton 
        2   Nelly Garfield  1784 -
             +David Cook
        2   Caleb Garfield  1786 -
             +Mary Caso  1786 - 1820
                    3   James Sullivan Garfield 1818 -
                    3   Eliza M. Garfield  
                         +Joseph Dana    1815
                                  4   William Swan Dana   1851 -
             *2nd Wife of Caleb Garfield:   
              +Marthqa Robbins   
        2  Joshua Jr. Garfield 1786 -
        2   Anna Garfield   1788 -
            +Silvester Walker  
        2   John Garfield   1791 -
            +Joanna Pierce 
        2   Nabby Garfield  1791 -
        2   Hannah Garfield 1794 -
             +Eliphalet Chase   

Would you add this to your Garfield Genalogy web site??   George

I wrote back to George asking what Garfied familyline he was from along with what information I had on the above Moses line. This was his reply.

Dick,  your info looks good.  I'm not connected to the Garfield Family, my information
come from an antique photo album (150 years old?) I found in an  shop a  couple of years
ago.  A lot of the photos have names written on them or on the page with photo.  I
thought I would research it to see if I could find some living decendents.  Possible get it
back into the Garfield Line but haven't yet found any living direct decendents.   

Some of the photos are:

Andrew Bliss Garfield 1809-1894 
Hannah Doggett Dwinnell 1808-1892
Leonard Dwinnell Garfield 1844-
Louise Thompson 1859- w/o Leonard
Moses Dwinnell Garfield 1836-
Eliza Ann Burnap 1836- w/o Moses
Elizabeth M. Garfield 1867-
Andrew Paine Garfield 1838-
Hannah E. Garfield 1839
Susan M. Garfield 1842
Charles E. Marble 1871 s/o Susan Mary A Garfield 1850-
Ellen Garfield 1849-

A lot of the photos have the photographer from Millbury, MA printed on the back.There are more named photos, some that I haven't been able to connect to the Garfield line like

Wilcut Harwood h/o Abbie Garfield,
Leonard A Dwinell,
Ann Eliza Dwinell,
Julia Harwood Hilton,
Charles Richardson,
Julia Southwick Baker,
Harriet Dwinnell Hayden
Lizzie Mason. 
Got any info on these.  George

Again I wrote to George thanking him for the information he sent and stated that I would love to be able to post a copy of the photos to the Garfield site and newsletter. Will keep you informed. Also next month will post the changes and additions that I sent back to George on the Moses line.


Harold Parker Garfield, wants to know if anybody has any help for him in being able to place his family into the big picture? Looking for the parents of:

1) Joseph Bradly Garfield, b.Brandon, VT 1817, married 1st. Elizabeth Smith, on April 30,
1840 in Rutland, MA and had 3 children,(Henry, Harriet and Dolly) then married 2nd.
Mary Stratton, and had 3 more children.(Ida, Larua and Addie)
2) Henry James Garfield, b.1841 in New Hampshire, married Martha Luvanne Hager, and
had 7 children (Mary, Charles, Joseph, Burton, Myron, William and Burtis)
3) Joseph Bradley Garfield, b. Dec 8, 1871 at Westboro, MA married Gerthrude Louise
Shaw, and had 4 children (Oscar, Elmer, Ralph and Herbert)
4) Elmer Henry Garfield, b. Jul 1, 1899 at Boylston, MA and married Lois Belle Parker,
and had 3 children (Harold, Gordon and Lois)
5) Harold Parker Garfield b.Sep 12, 1926 at Holden, MA.

Can anybody trace this family back beyond the first Joseph Bradley Garfield??