James Fagerburg                                                                                                                                     Dick Garfield                                                                                                                  

Dear Readers:
It's 2003, a new year, the holidays are over and now is the time on these cold days and nights to get into those genealogy records. Thanks to our readers we got a few more names for the "Veteran's Roll Call" pages. Have had quite a few questions asked from our readers over the past month. I have tried to answer them the best I could, and some I couldn't answer at all. This month I am going to do a question and answer section showing what the questions were, my answers as best I could answer them, and hope to get input from you the readers with what information you have. Thanks, Dick.


Dad, just had time to read the December newsletter.  Thanks for sending it. I especially loved the pictures of when you were "cute".   :-)
Love you lots,  Terry

Another great newsletter.  It's always great to get the benefit of someone else's meticulous searching and compiling of so much information.  A welcome break in our snowier than usual weather.  And it isn't even winter yet!
Merry Christmas and hope 2003 is one of the best for you.  alm

Hello Dick and Jim,
Have just had a chance to look at the last 4 newsletters briefly as things have been hectic here!  We do have record of my husband's father James Garner Garfield having served in the U.S. military.  I have misplaced our record of this and will try to send this off soon but I'll give you the pertinent information that we have for James:
    James Garner Garfield son of George and Hisser Adom born December 30, 1918
    in Everet, Washington. 
Hope this is of some help. Regards, Mary Garfield, Prince George, BC

Hi Dick - thank you for the comments on Eunice Cooley. She had an interesting life, as did her son, Nathaniel Gaffield. My notes on her are basically what someone sent to you. Much of my information came from a book, "The Cooley Genealogy" and Delores Hillery their genealogist. Another book, "New England Captives Carried To Canada" also contained similar information.  The fact that this latter book was written over 100 years later and came from a story told to Rev. Gay and then to Belnap makes you wonder about the accuracy. I have never seen definitive proof that Nathaniel was her son, nor why
he changed his name from Amherst Ferrel to Nathaniel Gaffield. However, Colonel Peters swears they are both the same man.
  It is interesting to speculate whether Jeremia How(e), woman captured with Eunice Cooley, could have been related, since her mother-in-law was Bethia How. Can you tie into this family? If so we would have found the connection.  (Garfield/Gaffield)

  Yes, Bethia How(e) married Benjamin Garfield, as per my records:
          Benjamin Garfield b.Nov 18, 1669 in Watertown, MA son of Joseph Garfield & 
          Sarah Gale, married on  May 19, 1714 Bethia Howe, b.Aug 24, 1684 in Marlboro,  
          MA. daughter of Isaac Howe & Frances Woods. Also, in your letter with notes about
          the above story Benjamin GARFIELD was used as the spelling for the husband of
          Eunice Cooley, and the other account by Jeremy Belnap he is using Benjamin
          GAFFIELD. Also my GGGrandfather used both Garfield & Gaffield, so in my own
          mind they are both one and the same family.


A few months back I received from the McIlvene's family of Shrewsbury, MA a story about their house and how it had been in the Garfield family for 150 years before they purchased it. Again I have received another such letter from a couple in the Frewsburg, NY area that the house that they now live in was also owned by a Garfield family before they purchased it. I wrote back to the Raymond's and ask if thy could forward more infomation about the house and which Garfield owned it.

Letter #1
The house is located in Frewsburg, Town of Carroll, Chaut. Co., NY.  It is a fairly large
house and Burdett's adopted daughter (Theresa Meyers) was the third person back from
us that lived here.  Last I knew she was still living in the Jamestown area.  From what we
have discovered about him, he built the building which now is the Quality markets here in town and it was a theater. He had live shows as well as movie if I understand right.  He
also was known to have addresses in NYC and Quebec.  That's all that comes to my mind
at this time but if it helps you...I'm glad to have been of assistance.
Good luck and if this is from your line...let me know as I will do my best to find out
anything more that I can help you with.

Letter # 2

Thanks for writing back.  It is very interesting to be able to find out the history of houses
as well as the people that lived in them.  I don't have my deed right handy at the moment
but I believe that the first deed was to Burdett's father in the mid to late 1800's.  We did
find a few little trinkets while doing some remodeling the house which is how we found
out a lot of the info that we have.  We also have had one of Theresa's daughter's stop in
just to see the "old house" that she spent some of her childhood in.  One of the neighbor's
remembers the day that Wayne died as she was called over to help Theresa as she was a
wee tipsy from being out on the town and came home to find him dead.  He had died in
the doorway between the kitchen and bathroom. We have also been lead to believe that
Burdett's parents may have owned a store either in Frewsburg or nearby Fentonville.  I
haven't been able to prove any of this yet but thought it may be of some assistance.
If I am able to locate any DOB or DOD for Burdett, I will pass it on to you.

I was born and raised about 20 miles from this area and Burdett is a cousin waaay back!!

Olive sent me a note saying she lived in the area where I was born and raised so I wrote back and asked if she could update some of my records, and if she was a Garfield.

Olive Mae Lindell wrote:
Dear Dick,
No I am not a Garfield - just have connections, and yes I would like to receive your monthly newsletter. Don't think you have much to update. Emma last name should be spelled MAHAN  She is the relative of mine. She was the secretary for Mahan reunion and
wrote our history. I am very thankful for all her records. I noticed that I have  Richard
H.Garfield married Margaret MORGAN . and you have Margaret Henrietta Ardelia
WILSON.  I made a note of the fact that you had a differentt name in my notes for
Margaret . I cannot be sure where I found that information.  I enjoyed your site and will
be checking it out later when I have more time. Priscilla Root is my relative also. My
Burgetts, Ponds, Howd, Hills, Roots, Mahan, Brooks, and Cowles all came to this area
and I am still here. So I have many interests of all these people. My husband Ken folks
Lindell, Johnsons, Putnams, Firth's and McCray's came here also and stayed.. I lived
toward Sugar Grove and Ken lived this side of Lander towards Russell when we
married 55 years ago. When our  children were born they became related to just about
everybody.up and down the road. Grandson is still farming the farm.
Glad to here from you.

Rules and Regulations

Mr Hudson has given us, as a sample of the strict conditions imposed upon the
keepers of public houses, the material portions of the bond required by the public
authorities of Col. Thomas Howe, who kept the public inn at Marlborough in 1696.
It provided:

"That he shall not suffer or have any playing at cards, dice, tally bowls, nine pins,
billiards, or any other unlawful game or games in his said house, or yard, or gardens,
or backside, nor shall suffer to remain in his house any person or persons, not being
his own family, on Saturday night after dark, or on the Sabbath days, or during the time
of God's Public Worship; nor shall he entertain as lodgers, in his house any strangers
men or women, above the space of forty-eight hours, but such whose names and
surnames, he shall deliver to some one of the selectmen or constable of the town, unless
they shall be such as he very well knoweth, and will endure for his or their forth coming -
nor shall sell any wine to the Indians, or negroes, nor suffer any children or servant or other person to remain in his house, tippling or drinking after nine o'clock in the night - nor shall buy or take to preserve any stolen goods, nor willingly or knowingly harbor
in his house, barn, stable or otherwhere, any rogues, vagabonds, thieves, sturdy beggars,
masterless men or women, or other notorious offenders whatsoever; sell or utter any wine, beer, ale, cider, rum, brandy or other liquors, by defaulting, or by color of his
license - nor shall entertain any person or persons to whom he shall be prohibited by law, or by any one of the magistrates of the County, as persons of jolly conversation or given to tippling."


Benjamin Whitman 1758-1847 wed 1779 June 13 in Clarendon, VT to Barbara Round.
Their first 3 kids born in Clarendon. Their last 7 kids born in Leicester, VT. #10 Alvin b.
11/12/1803, wed 09/11/1828 in Leicester, HANNAH GARFIELD. Their dau. Martha d.
05/22/1836 at age of 4 and is buried in the Brookside Cemetery in Leiceter, VT.
Benjamin Whitman was in VT Militia and several others.


I couldn't give much help, then the person who sent me the question found the answer else where and forwarded it to me.



John MATSON of Marlborough, in 1681, m. Mary, d. of Jonathon JOHNSON,
had Lydia, b. 16 Mar. 1691, d. at 15 yrs.; Ruth, 9 May 1693; John, 18 Jan. 1695; and
Daniel, Mar. 1697. His w. d 22 June 1710, and he m. 1713, SARAH GARFIELD.


I found very little, but I did find that Matson is spelled about 5 - 6 different ways.
Sarah Garfield b.Feb 1674 in Marlboro, MA 1713 John Matthews of Marlboro.
Nothing else!!


SOURCE: Essex County, Massachusetts Death Reords to 850 : Newburyport.
> Surname: GEARFIELD
> Given name: Mary
> Parent/Spouse Name: wid NATHANIEL
> Death Date: May 7, 1826
> Age at death: [a. 75y.]
> Surname: GEARFIELD
> Given name: NATHANIEL
> Death Date: April 20, 1810
> Age at death: [a. 70y.]

I can't find this Nathaniel Gearfield or Garfield in any of my files, sorry. Dick


I'm looking for info on Moses Dwinnell Garfield1836-? m. Eliza Ann Burnap the had
following children Elizabeth M. Garfield and Hugh Garfield they are from the Worcester,
MA area.  He was in the 1880 census as Moses L. Garfield. 
George, Naples, FL

George: Sorry it took so long to get back to you with what information that I could find,
probably not much more then what you have already, but here goes:
1. Moses Garfield b. __?__ married in Royalston, MA. on Feb 6, 1800 Mary Bliss b.Jan 16,       1781.
2. Andrew Bliss Garfield b.Jan 8, 1809 in Royalston, MA married in Royalston, MA on Dec       29, 1834 Hannah Dwinnel b. in 1809. Andrew d.May 28, 1894 in Royalston, MA. Andrew       also had a younger brother Ira b.Mar 25, 1810 in Royalston, MA.
3. Moses Dwinnel Garfield b.Nov 28, 1836 married on Sep 2, 1863 in Auburn, MA Eliza  
    Ann Burnap b.Aug 29, 1836 in Sutton, MA. the daughter of Stllman Burnap and Meloda      Cousins.


Ronnie Boritz wrote:
Dear Dick,
My husband's (William Boritz) grandmother's maiden name was Rae (Rebecca) Garfield.
She had one sister, Jean.  Their parents were Macbeth Garfield and his cousin, Sarah
Garfield.  Macbeth may have been a middle or nickname but it was the only name my
Mother-in-law had for her grandfather.  They lived in New York, NY.
The family story is that Macbeth was the youngest and only son of a wealthy and
prominent (NY) Jewish family.  He had a number of older sisters, who are supposed to have been members of the DAR.  When Macbeth and Sarah wanted to marry, he family disapproved and disowned him.  Macbeth flunked out of medical school and became, instead, a veterinarian.  In fact, he was the Veterinarian for the City of New York
during the time of Tamany Hall and became quite wealthy.  Sarah only had the 2 girls, but suffered a number of micarriages and still births.  Probably in a post-partum depression, she threw herself off the building they lived in and died.  Macbeth went to his sisters for help in raising the girls, but was refused.  He then married a woman who was evidently quite cruel to Rae and Jean.  My mother-in-law only knew of her as "The Witch" and I have no idea what her name may have been.  Both Rae and Jean married quite young and moved out.  Rae's husband, Harry Stock, worked for the NY City sanitation department in a lower management position which Macbeth arranged for him. Harry and Rae lived in an apartment in the Bronx. Jean married a Greek man who was somewhat older than she. They had no children and Jean died quite young.  Macbeth died leaving all his money to The Witch and she is supposed to have spent it all buying Torahs for synagogues in a vain effort to buy her way into heaven. Harry and Rae had 4 children and moved to California when he retired early because of a lung disease.
It's an interesting, if somewhat melodramatic tale.
While I am sure that it was embellished, the story is true. 
My problem is, I can't find any record of Macbeth or Sarah. Do you have any ideas?  I'll
have to look through my records, but I can get dates for most all the births and deaths
since Rae and will send them on.
Ronnie Boritz

Dear Dick,
Thanks for your quick reply.  Rae's birthday was April 24, 1904.  Harry Emigrated to this
country as a child and I will have to do some checking to find his birthdate.  I believe the
name was always Garfield, but I could be wrong.  The family joke was that they didn't
arrive on the Mayflower, they sold the tickets.  As I said though, they were in this
country at least since the Revolutionary War.
I really appreciate any help you can give on the subject.
Ronnie Boritz

I hope your Holidays were as nice as ours.  I found my records on the Garfields and hope
they will help you more than they have me.
Charlotte Rose Stock(my husband's mother), b. 6/5/1927 Bronx, NY was the daughter of:
Harry Louis Stock, b. 10/8/1902 Sborov, Austria-Hungary and Rebecca (Rae) Garfield
(SSN 122-14-2656), b. 4/24/1904 Brooklyn, NY (m. 1922).  Rae was the oldest daughter
of: Macbeth Garfield (who had 14 older sisters) b. abt. 1885 Brooklyn, NY and his first
cousin Sarah Garfield (Garfield) b. abt. 1885, Brooklyn, NY (and died at 23).  Macbeth's
father was  Lewis Garfield of NY who is buried on Staten Island.  I show that Macbeth
was the Veterinarian for the City of New York, and that his son-in-law, Harry Stock was
a Foreman for the New York Sanitation Department which was under the Veterinarian's
I appreciate any help you can give.
Ronnie Boritz

Does anybody have any information that they can pass on to these Garfield "cousins"?? They sure would appreciate any help that anybody out there can give them.

Do you have some blank spaces in your  family tree? Send them to me and I will post them in the monthy newsletter and maybe one of our 100+ readers will be able to help. We will try a queston & answer section for a while and see what kind of responses we get. Will post the answers that I get so everybody can help and everybody can benefit  from them. Thanks, Dick


I have got a couple of great pictures for next month from a reader and 1 of his uncle.
Lets get some more pictures of you readers in here!!

This picture was sent to me by Nancy Garfield Risdon, Thanks, Nancy

The graves are in the Patriots section of the Lincoln Cemetery in Lincoln, MA
The headston on the left is for John Garfield(Gearfield) 3 Dec 1718 - 1 May 1767 
The headstone on the right is for Thankful (Stowell) Garfield(Gearfield) 25 Jan 1721 - ??
John & Thankful were married on Mar 15, 1745
John was the son of Thomas & Mercy (Bigelow) Garfield(Gearfield) and a MinuteMan
in Capt. William Smith's Company. He is listed in the Revolutionary War Roll Call
in out Veterans Roll Call along with his son, John.