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Dear Readers:
Activity this past month has been very light with most of it coming from the Garfields of the UK site.  We did not receive any letters letting us know if we did good, bad or indifferent on the January newsletter. We did have a few people with questions, plus we had some people who signed the guest book after visiting the web-site. Other then that it was pretty quiet here. As always we could use some more information about your branch of the Garfield Tree, along with pictures or whatever. Again this month Syliva has a section on the Garfields of the UK, also there is a new name that came up for them when they began researching the 1901 census. Keep in touch, Dick Garfield.

NOTE: I am looking for someone to help me and supply information on the Garfields in the Frewsburg, Jamestown and Busti area. Thanks a bunch, Dick.


Thank-you for responding so quickly to my request. The newsletters appear to be vital in keeping the information up-to-date and complete.
I have attached a brief summary of my direct line to be included in your files. Hopefully, that will aid me in tying my family line into the grand scheme of the Garfield Family.

Joseph T. Garfield

Joseph is looking for the parents of Beaser Garfield, or  any information that anybody might have on that branch of the family.

Descendants of Beaser Garfield

Generation No. 1




2.  ii. MARIE P. GARFIELD, b. May 8, 1924, Saranac, MI; d. January 10, 1997, Lansing, MI.


3. iv. DONALD A. GARFIELD, b. March 27, 1913, Saranac, MI; d. February 24, 1986, Alma, MI.

    v. PAUL W. GARFIELD, b. June 27, 1918; d. July 30, 1994; m. MABLE V.; b. December 2, 1922;
       d. July 24, 1994.

4. vi. LEONARD THAYNE GARFIELD, b. April 30, 1922, Saranac, MI; d. October 1, 1973, Saginaw, MI.

Generation No. 2

2. MARIE P.2 GARFIELD (BEASER1) was born May 8, 1924 in Saranac, MI, and died January 10, 1997 in     Lansing, MI. She married KENNETH R. LACLEAR. 

3. DONALD A.2 GARFIELD (BEASER1) was born March 27, 1913 in Saranac, MI, and died February 24,      1986 in Alma, MI. He married (SPOUSE) SMITH. 

4. LEONARD THAYNE2 GARFIELD (BEASER1) was born April 30, 1922 in Saranac, MI, and died October     1, 1973 in Saginaw, MI. He married MAXINE ELIZABETH PRINE, daughter of L..G. PRINE and                 MILDRED (PRINE). She was born June 2, 1926, and died October 15, 1987 in Greenville, MI.



7.  ii. LEONARD THAYNE GARFIELD, b. November 29, 1943, Jacksonville, FL; d. August 26, 1971,                     Lansing, MI.



Generation No. 3

7. LEONARD THAYNE3 GARFIELD (LEONARD THAYNE2, BEASER1) was born November 29, 1943 in            Jacksonville, FL, and died August 26, 1971 in Lansing, MI. He married KAY LUCILLE HONKANEN           September 15, 1962 in Lansing, MI, daughter of CARL HONKANEN and LUCILLE HALL. She was            born August 19, 1944 in Lansing, MI.


11. i. JOSEPH THAYNE4 GARFIELD, b. June 24, 1964, Lansing, MI.

   ii. JAMES MICHAEL GARFIELD, b. February 2, 1966, Lansing, MI; d. August 6, 1973.

Generation No. 4

11. JOSEPH THAYNE4 GARFIELD (LEONARD THAYNE3, LEONARD THAYNE2, BEASER1) was born June        24, 1964 in Lansing, MI. He married ANGELA CHRISTINE ZECHINATO June 12, 1993 in East                    Lansing, MI, daughter of MERRITT ZECHINATO and TERESA CRADDOCK. She was born November       12, 1968 in Lansing, MI.


    i. ZACHARY THAYNE5 GARFIELD, b. April 12, 1996, Lansing, MI.

   ii. BRENDAN MICHAEL GARFIELD, b. July 19, 1998, Lansing, MI


Ann is looking for the parents of Henry S. Garfield or any information on this family.

Descendants of Henry S. Garfield


My  Great Grandfather: Henry S. Garfield b Jan. 14, 1827 He lived in Bradford, N.H. and may have come from N.Y. married my great Grandmother in Macon, Ga.

My Grandfather: Leonard Holmes Garfield B Jan. 24, 1870   D Mar 30, 1928

His Sons:

Leonard Holmes Garfield, Jr. B Feb 10, 1893 D Sept 12, 1973

James Sanford Garfield B Feb 08, 1896  D Jan 31, 1981

My Father: Howard Randolph Garfield, B Nov. 08, 1903  D Dec 27, 1991 

I did look through the web and do not see enough history to find these . I was told that the family came from England but I have not been able to locate the parents of Henry or for sure where he was born. I did enjoy reading the history you have on the web. Thanks for your help. Ann


Looking for more information on Damaris Garfield the Granddaughter of Daniel

We know that in the will of Daniel Garfield he speaks of his granddaughter Damaris Garfield, we also know from available records that she married Aaron Morse. Was Mary, the daughter of Daniel, Damaris' mother? If anybody has any information on Damaris, please let us know. Thanks.


Garfield Farm Museum <> wrote:Everyone else seems to be glad that
January has passed by but for me,
I could always use an extra week or two in January. Finishing year end record keeping and attacking office projects delayed by the activities of the previous year make January a very valuable month. This January I have been working on organizing the office wing of Burr House. Papers unfiled for
the last several years now reside in a 12 linear feet of new filing cabinets. Rearranged desks and shelves make moving about the office wing possible. Expired email addresses have been updated. But the detail nit-picking of correcting and updating the 2700 mailing addresses of our friends must be undertaken this month. After several days, I think my eyes will uncross and some of the frustration of returned mail will subside for several months.

But time marches on, and I like the ground hog must emerge and embrace a new season events this February. For all our volunteers who want to be good Scouts, Jeff Glaser will give a Fireside talk and demonstration of emergency safety practices that the more of us know, the better prepared our
volunteers will be for the inevitable but unpredictable. Visitor's bee stings to taking shelter from storms will be covered on Thursday, February 19th at 7 pm in Burr House. There is a limit of how many may attend so please email or call 630 584-8485 with your reservation.

It will be our 18th annual Prairie, Woodlands, and Wetlands Management Seminar on Saturday February 21 from 8:30 - 3:30 pm. Roy Diblik of Northwind Perennial Farm of Springfield, WI, Kelsey Shaw of Possibilities Place Nursery in Monee, IL and I will present the basics on how to grow native
plants in ones garden or out on the back 40. This in depth "nothing but the facts, ma'm" seminar will help anyone who wants to help the environment, reduce garden or yard care costs, or volunteer for local prairie restoration projects. Identification of native plants and management tools will be the
subject of my presentation. Roy brings over 22 years experience of growing native plants from seed and installing such plants in gardens and formal landscapes. Second generation nurseryman, Kelsey Shaw will explain the successful secrets of growing native trees and shrubs his father Conner has
discovered. The seminar requires reservations and there is a $40 donation for the day. This seminar is a proud tradition of the farm, as it has been the constant opportunity in the region to learn the basics of native plants. I gave up count several years ago, but we have helped owners of over 3000
acres of land in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin to grow the plants best suited for success in this region with the greatest environmental benefits. It is great to go to Chicago in the middle of January and walk amongst the butterflies at the Notebaret Museum but it is a greater thrill
to see them thriving in summer gardens or prairies established in ones backyard.

So apart from some frozen pipes, we have an enjoyable semblance of winter after the snowless winter 2003. Now each inch of snow promises a joyous burst of frog life in spring pools that were drearily dry last year. Without messy gray dulling thaws, the weekly fresh snows have preserved a
brilliant white, crystalline panorama. As darkness envelops the farm and I'm feeding shilouttes of oxen, sheep and pigs, penning geese, turkeys and chickens, a silent snow begins falling softly all around me. It is such a sense of peace that is so rare, so fleeting in our time. It is an experience
in common, I know I share with past generations I'll never meet; a moment transcending time itself. Such discovery Garfield Farm offers us all.

To you and the days ahead, regards,  Jerry Johnson

Just another note;

First hint of a thaw outside today which should get all the prairie folks and horticulturists on edge as spring is not far away - hello fromGarfield Farm! I just wanted to get a quick reminder out about this
Saturday's 18th annual Prairie, Woodlands, and Wetlands Seminar - there are still some spaces left for the day and you can go to our web page to read more about it if you wish to reserve and attend (

Also coming up, Dan Bussey of Wisconsin returns Sunday March 14th for our annual Antique Apple Tree Grafting Seminar at 1:30 pm. Learn to make your own grafts and take them home for planting. I will try to get info posted on the web page but you can always email in any questions or

The chickens are starting to lay again so we are sending off eggs to Kohl's Children's' Museum in Wilmette,IL and more for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.
On the run so all for now - Jerry Johnson



Here's what is happening at the Garfield Home (Lawnfield) for the next few weeks from,
Allison M. Sharaba, Operations manager.

Victorian Craft Teas

REMEMBER WHEN, joins Lawnfield in offering a series of craft teas to enjoy tea and recreate some beautiful Victorian craftworks. Sessions led by Lawnfield staff, and Lynette Trolli of the Victorian Ladies Tea Society. Fee includes tea, refreshments, materials and tour of the Garfield Home (please bring scissors and a teacup to each session, and objects specifically mentioned for each session. Tours take place at noon, before the tea begins). Fee for each workshop is $12 for members, $15 for non-members. Discounts are available if you attend two or more workshops. Reservations are a must. Call 440-255-8722 for reservations.

Wednesday, February 25, 1:00  Button Brooch
Wednesday, March 10, 1:00  Victorian Irish Tea + tea leaf reading
Wednesday, March 24, 1:00  Lace Fan

Winter Lunch and Lecture Series

Winter Lunch and Lecture Series at Lawnfield Inn and Suites First Tuesday of each month, January-April noon-1:30 Enjoy catered lunches at Lawnfield Inn and Suites, while listening to informative talks by staff of the James A. Garfield National Historic Site. $20 ticket includes lunch and program. Reservations can be made at 440-255-8722. Program and lunch begin at noon. Lawnfield Inn and Suites is located 1 mile east of the James Garfield home at 8434 Mentor Avenue

Tuesday, March 2-Lucretia Rudolph Garfield
Tuesday, April 6-The History of Lawnfield and the James A. Garfield National Historic Site

President's Day

President's Day Featuring Presidential Squares
Monday, February 16@ 1:00pm-4:00pm
Stop by Lawnfield this year for our annual Presidents Day program. Back by popular demand is our interactive presidential trivia game, Presidential Squares. Join President Garfield, along with several other presidents and first ladies, in an exciting game of presidential tic tac toe for all ages. Crafts and activities are from 1pm-4pm in the Visitor Center. Presidential Squares will be played at 1:30. Visitors will also have a chance to Meet the Presidents at 1:00 and 3:00. Our special presidential guests will offer first person accounts of their lives, and answer questions from the audience. Activities in the Visitor Center are free, and there is a $1.00 fee for each craft. Discounted tickets for tours of the Garfield Home will be sold in honor of our special event! Please call 440-255-8722 for information.

In Our Mothers We Trust

Sunday, March 14 @ 1:00pm
First Mothers come to life during a first person program on presidential mothers. Visit with the moms of Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, John Kennedy, and others to discover the characteristics and commonalties all share in raising successful sons. A question and answer period will follow. There is a $7 fee. Please call (440) 255-8722 for reservations.


                                                           By: Sylvia Lagah

Welcome everyone:

I've been a little side-tracked this month, chasing up my Scottish kin. A bit of an exercise in frustration considering BMD registration wasn't mandatory until 1855 in Scotland.

Talking of BMD's we have received a copy of the death certificate for Susannah Sarah Garfield, daughter of John and Amelia Mary Ann dated 21st Nov 1958. This poor little girl died of convulsions at age 26 days.

We have also received a birth certificate for Charles Garfield, son of John Benjamin and Harriet, born 24th May 1839. This fills one of the gaps between the older children, and a possible death registration dated for the Sept Quarter 1842 explains his non-appearance in later census entries.

Also on the subject of BMD's, no doubt you are like me and have ended up sending for some totally unrelated certificate from the GRO. I thought this might be a good opportunity to share information on waifs and strays in the hope that someone can claim them.

We have:

Anne Garfield died 8th Mar 1859, aged 27, wife of William Garfield, St Mary, Newington

John Garfield married Eliza Dexter 20th June 1880, Stoke Doyle, Oundle. Both aged 21

Harriet Garfield died 1st June 1854 aged 20, daughter of Francis Pool Garfield, Brockmoor, Kingswinford, Stafford. Anne Garfield present at death

There is also a new addition to our pages from Anne Wiltshire in Australia, who has also come up with an interesting question

"Has anyone done anything on early Garfield wills? I find it fascinating that there are only 5 wills on the PCC index between 1384-1858  (see below)

do you know of anyone that has claimed any of these?  Hopefully there are more sitting in specific counties.  Unless people are aware of their early county and have looked for wills this data is not going to be known. [for me someone having a will that says my son Thomas Garfield of London! would be a breakthrough]    I have found wills to be the backbone of my family tree I have been clearly able to prove lineage purely with wills."

Sentence of Abraham Garfield of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
11 May 1616 -  PROB 11/127

Will of William Garfield, Carrier of Hensington , Oxfordshire
08 May 1773 -  PROB 11/988

Will of Aquila Garfeild or Garfield, Gentleman of Saint Mary Islington, Middlesex
16 November 1666 -  PROB 11/322

Will of Ann Garfield, Single Gentlewoman of Stoke Prior , Worcestershire
13 February 1828 -  PROB 11/1736

Will of William Garfield, Gentleman of Wolverhampton , Staffordshire
11 December 1851 -  PROB 11/2143

1901 Census - England

RG13 - Piece 2810 - Folio 193 - page 27 - Schedule No. 174.

John Mccallum - Head - Married - age 53 yrs - Male
      Occ: Engineers Pattern Maker
      Employment Status: Worker
      Born: Scotland
Mary A. Mccallum - Wife - Married - age 50 yrs - Female
      Occ: Undefined
      Born: Birmingham
Catherine Bradshaw - S In Law - Unmarried - age 36 yrs - Female
      Occ: Hotel Waitress
      Born: Birmingham
John S. Garfield - B In Law - Married - age 36 yrs - Male
      Occ: Electrical Engineers
      Employment Status - Undefined
      Born: London Middlesex.
Mary E. Garfield - S In Law - Married - age 33 yrs - Female
      Occ: Undefined
      Born: Birmingham.

ADDRESS: 27 Highgate Cresent - Balsall Heath - Birmingham

(Note: Cresent spelt that way on the Census)

Civil Parish: Balsall Heath
Ecclesiastical Parish: St. Pauls
Parliamentary Borough or Division: South Birmingham
Administrative County: Birmingham

Check us out and if you have your own English Garfield line you would like to add, histories or stories of your Garfield families or can expand on what we have, please feel free to contact me at: - or Dick Garfield on the homepage.


Thirteen offences were made capital by the original laws of Massachusetts Bay; namely, Idolatry; Witchcraft; Blasphemy; Murder; Bestiality; Sodomy; Adultery; Rape; Man-stealing; False-witness; Conspiracy, or rebellion against the government; Cursing or smiting the father or mother, after passing sixteen years of age, unless with justifying provocation, or with unchristianly neglect in education; Filial rebellion, after sixteen years of age.
To these were added, l692, High Treason; Concealing the death of a bastard child; Arson; Piracy.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Subject: Benjamin Garfield, a first proprietor of Groton, Mass.
Source: Groton Historical Series by Dr. Samuel A. Green, Vol. III.

Benjamin Garfield, an ancestor of President Garfield, was one of the original
proprietors of Groton, where he owned a "ten acre right." His name is found
several times in the early records of the town (pp.56, 143, 145, 146, 148, 154),
for allusions to him and to parcels of land situated in Broad Meadow and Pine
Meadow, which he owned before the destruction of Groton by the Indians, though he
did not return permanently after the resettlement. He was the youngest son of
Edward Garfield & wife Rebecca and born at Watertown where he died on November
28, 1717, aged 74 years.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Subject: Benjamin Garfield
Source: Torrey - New England Marriages Prior to 1700.

Benjamin Garfield (1643-1717) & 1st wife, Mehitable (Hawkins) (1656-1675) married
before April 1, 1673, Watertown.
Benjamin Garfield (1643-1717) & 2nd wife, Elizabeth Bridge who m. (2) Daniel
Harrington in 1720. Married Elizabeth Bridge Jan. 17, 1677.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth

Grandma, (Audrey Potts of UK) wants you to meet Megan,
she is pictured here at nine weeks old on January 15, 2004