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Here it is almost the end of another year, a year with lots of changes, some good and some bad, if the good out weights the bad then we are ok.
As you know Nancy and I took a 18 day Amtrak trip across the country starting in Jacksonville, FL to Seattle, WA and back with 3 day stops in Washington, DC - Chicago, IL and Seattle, WA. It was a great trip, the weather was good and we got to see a lot of things that we hadn't seen before.Thanks, and keep those letters coming and send more pictures.
Everybody have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in 2009

                                                      WASHINGTON, DC

We got into Union Station right after noon on our first day, went to our hotel, got some lunch and started planning our next few days. Over the next 3 days we visited the WWll, Korean War and Vietnam War Memorials along with the Air & Space Museum and part of the huge Smithsonian. While waiting at Union Station for our departure I started asking around if this was where Pres. Garfield was shot and was told that it was the B & O Train Station, and that it had been torn down for quite some time but I was directed to another part of Union Station and B. Smith's Restaurant. I went there and introduced myself and was given a very VIP and informative tour and the history of the Restaurant.
Union Station opened in 1907 and was the most impressive building in the city at that time, it was also the busiest train station in the world with more then 40,000 travels coming in and out on a daily basis. Because of the assassination of Presidents Garfield and McKinley the Terminal Company directors authorizes a spacious Presidential Suite to be built in order to provide the First Family and their guest a secure space away from the crowds when traveling by train and could enter and leave without going through the lobby.
Aside from the Presidential Suite there was also four additional private rooms for the First Lady or dignitaries visiting the Capital and traveling by train. In 1939 when the King and Queen of England visited Washington they were received in the Presidential Suite. Over the years other VIP's used the area then during WWll it was used by the Red Cross and the USO. In 1988 the space was opened to the public for the first time as the Adirondack Restaurant, which closed in 1992.
In 1994 B. Smith's Restaurant took over the vacant President Suite and the other four rooms and has flourished ever since. B. Smith's consist of two principle dining areas, the Main Dining Room and the Colonnade, the Main Dinning Room seats 180 people and the Colonnade seats 70 people. The Cabinet and Signing Rooms, which use to be complete with the Presidential Seal are now used as smaller dinning rooms, the Signing Room seats 30 people and the Cabinet Room seats 50 people. The other two rooms, the First Lady's Room and the President's Room are used as dinning areas as well, they each seat 15 people.
B. Smith's are (and you can tell) very proud to be part of the continuing history of Union Station. It is one beauitful place and is still being used by the President and the First Family on special occasions, and has been used within the past 4 years.

                                                        SEATTLE, WASHINGTON

After we arrived in Seattle we went to a another Air Museum, Pikes Market and the Needle, and that was where we met Nancy and Paul Risdon. Nancy, a daughter of Ernest Garfield and Paul are great people. Nancy picked us up at the needle and took us to their house for a very good lunch of baked salmon and vegetables. They have a beauitful home part way up a hill overlooking the bay, and from there I could see where pier 90 was, (that's where our ship docked when I returned from Korea over 50 years ago). We then was given a tour of Seattle and the locks where you can watch the salmon climbing the fish ladders. After spending a special afternoon with Nancy and Paul we returned to our hotel, this was our last night in Seattle.


Chicago, the Windy City, it was very nice while we were there, warm and sunny with a light breeze. Of course we had to go up in Sears Tower, from there on a clear day you can see forever. It was really windy up at the top and quite cold but we enjoyed it for sure. My niece Pat, (my sister's daughter) and her husband Chuck came to the hotel we were staying at and we had lunch together and got up-dated on their family. That Saturday they had the Chicago Marathon with about 45,000 runners and their headquarters were at Grant Park right across the street from our hotel. Later we saw the hotel and Grant Park on TV, that's where President Elect Obama give his acceptance speech. It is a beauitful park with lots of flowers and a very nice fountain, Nancy and I walked it from one end to the other.
After 3 days in Chicago we headed back home with lots of memories and bunches of pictures.
Nancy Risdon
Lunch Is Ready
  L to R - Dick Garfield, Nancy Risdon, Jean Garfield Hibbard, Merle Hibbard, Paul Risdon
View From Sears Tower
Grant Park, Chicago
Our Home Away From Home
                            NATIONAL EDWARD GARFIELD SOCIETY

Jayne Pawlisa, our very capable director of the National Edward Garfield Society, tells me that we now have 25 members, that is GREAT, and it is growing every month. Nancy Risdon sent me an E-Mail stating that Jayne was able from what  information she was able to give her to fine her lineage back to Edward Garfield, so she will now be able to join the society.  Two of the members who joined the Edward Garfield Society was able to use that lineage information to join the Winthrop Society, well done Jayne.
If you believe that you are a descend of Edward Garfield, E-Mail Jayne at with what information that you have and she will take it from there. Jayne is really good about being able to trace lineage and has helped many people.
                                              NEED A LITTLE HELP

Got this information from my grandson Jimmy Fagerburg, and with the help of Jayne, have been able to come this far. Jerome Harold Garfield, born Oct 31, 1915 and died Jan 1, 2004 in Utah was a USS Arizona Survivor and was interred with his shipmates.
Does anybody have any more information on this person and maybe we can get him into the family tree and maybe even a society member. (posthumously)

                                         A LITTLE GARFIELD HISTORY

This too was sent to me by Jimmy Fagerburg, and he has quite a few pictures of other people. Thanks Jimmy
youngest son of Edward Garfield,
b Nov 18, 1643
d Nov 28, 1717
Grove Hill Cemetery
Waltham, MA