APRIL 2003

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Dear Readers:
April, tax time and the start of sprng. Our garden is doing fine, picking about 2 quarts of strawberries every day, and the other plants are doing great. Potatoes up about a foot and the wild blackberries are in full bloom. We still need stories and pictures for the newsletter. Also would like to see some more family lines come this way to share with everybody, so dig into those old files and pictures and lets get them printed. Havn't heard any more about the family reunion at the Garfield Farm in LaFox, ILL. but am sure Jerome will forward the information just as soon as it becomes available.  Thanks everybody,Dick.


Dick Garfield,

I want to thank you for sending your monthly newsletter. A year ago I  wrote to you about my family history. At that time I wrote:
For the record, my name is Jeffrey Stuart Garfield, born 4/27/46 to Herbert Edward Stuart Garfield (2/13/1906-7/14/1980) and Margaret Dougan Garfield (12/25/1917-1/20/2002). My father's parents were from New York City where they eloped in the late 1800's. His name
was Herbert Edward Garfield (died about 1909 near Spokane, WA) and he was married to
Isabel Hughes (died 1943 in Seattle). They left New York for Seattle (via Olympia, WA) about 1900.
I would like to contribute something more but I am dead ended prior to 1900. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I might proceed in finding the New York City connection?
Other than that all I can do is keep reading your good stories about other Garfields. Again, thanks for the good work.

Jeff Garfield
Thanks for the kind words Jeff, can anybody help this gentleman out?


Thank you for adding me to the mailing list. Unfortunately, I have never been able to get on the site.  I don't know if it's because of the server I go through here on base or what.  I am never able to retrieve the site and always get the "timed out" prompt when I attempt to access the site.  Does anyone else ever have a similar problem?  It may be on my end, but I am just checking.

Take care.
CWO-2 Bradley A Garfield
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer
H&HS, Cherry Point, NC 28533
Is anybody else having this problem, if so you can always go the the Main Page on the site and click on Back Issues Newsletters.

Hi Dick,

I'm finishing off my Nathaniel Green report and need a source.  Is it in Bond's History of Watertown?  I'm looking for the source of Samuel Garfield's birth 03 Sep 1690 in Watertown s/o Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bridge) Garfield, who m. Mary Bowman abt 1714.
There was a Descendant report of Edward Garfield on Familytreemaker but I can't find it any more. 

Thanks, Marilyn (Green) Day
Yes, it is in the Bond's History of Watertown, I don't know about the report in Familytreemaker, any help out there?


The newsletter turned out very nice---I think you should have quoted the source for the article on Charles Garfield but that's a detail for later.  Attribution is always important in any field of scholarship.  We are trying to do authentic historical research and have to rely on the work of other people.

Thanks for calling that to my attention, I always try and give a credit line to our suppliers it was:  "Michigan Environmental Council" who had that great story.


Another pleasant and interesting read. I saved it until I had time to sit and reallly enjoy.  It is so well done, are you sure you aren't a relative on another line of mine?  I could use another cousin like you to do the same thing for some of them. 

Thanks alm, alm is also going to dig into some of her files and see what she can come up with on the Garfield line.

Christine Mercer-Cleasby wrote:
Congrats Chrissy!!


Go to Google, in the search space type in your phone number or a family name.
I went in there today and it gave instructions right to my door step....scary!
Go to <A HREF=""></A> Enter your phone number in the search i.e.:555-555-5555 It will show your name and number with a telephone icon next to it. Click on the icon and follow the instructions to remove your number from
their listing.

Steve Garfield
I tried it Steve and sure enough it's all there!!  Thanks for spreading the word.


Roger Reid sent this to me, his reply to a letter sent to him by Mary Gale, thanks Roger:

Hello Mary Gale - thanks for the information on some famous people I'm related to.

In cleaning up old files, I came across an article saying Major-General William Starke "Rosey" Rosecrans might have been President instead of James Garfield. Rosecrans was very popular after his victory at the rail centre of Chattanooga. He chased Confederate General Braxton southward, but fell into an ambush. He berated Brig-General Thomas J. Woods for not moving promptly, and mistakenly ordered him to fill a gap in the line. The position vacated was where 11,000 Confederate soldiers attacked, routing the Union Army. It was President James Garfield, his then Chief of Staff, that recommended he retreat back to Chattanooga. At the same time General Thomas held up the Confederate advance, while Rosecrans led the retreat. As a result Rosecrans was never able to
live down the fact he had led the retreat and Lincoln removed him from his command. Apparently he is the only Union Army commander without a monument on any battlefield. I guess his diminished popularity gave Garfield the chance to run for


Hi Dick,
I have a collection of rough notes from my grandmother's files concerning  some Garfield
families in the southern Berkshire county, Massachusetts area.
This information was sent to my grandmother in 1909 by her aunt Maria.  I will pass it on
to you as attachments in case your readers would like to pick through it for anyone they
may be looking for.
Regards, Elaine Fazzaro

The Berkshire Home
A. J. Hasson, Proprietor
Housatonic, Mass.

February 12, 1909
My Dear Niece,
I will send those papers, but they need some explaning. There were a very large family of the first Garfield that came to Tyringham, a single man he married Miss Brewer. He
was one of four men that were the first settlers. There two generations of Isaac Garfields. The President Garfield was our third cousin. There are a good many Garfields in
Tyringham that were my fathers uncles and cousins. I hope to be able to send you a more complete history some time. My memery is so poor or I could tell you more. I hope you will be able to pick it out. We found some papers in my grandfathers things and found out what we could I wish to find the names of the first generation. I am sory I couldn't do better write me when you can.
Much love and good wishes,
Lovingly your Aunt
M A Hasson
Housatonic, Mass
Please send these back when you get done with them.
-  - 
Maria Amanda Garfield Hasson b. 1832 d. aft. 1914 daughter of :

Miscellaneous notes on Garfield ancestors furnished by:
Abner Peck Garfield and Emily Bullard Garfield


Isaac Garfield and Mary Brewer

Elisha (1) Garfield son of Isaac Feb 24, 1757
Ruth Peck wife of Elisha born at Sharon Conn. Daughter of A & M Peck Sept 25, 1754

Myron Garfield son of Elisha & Ruth Peck Garfield July 26, 1788
Polly Garfield daughter of Elisha & Ruth Peck Garfield July 12, 1791
Elisha Garfield (2) son of Elisha & Ruth Peck Garfield June 5, 1794 died 1853
Roxanna Pratt ( squeezed in between lines here -wife of Elisha?) b. 1787 died 1846
Abner Peck Garfield son of Elisha & Ruth Peck Garfield born August 3, 1798
Emily Bullard wife of Abner Peck Garfield born Feb. 2, 1802

Levi Garfield son of Abner Peck & Emily Bullard Garfield born in Tyringham MA Mar. 11, 1830
Maria Amanda Garfield daughter of Abner P. & Emily Garfield born in New Marlborough, MA July 8, 1832
Elisha (3) Garfield of Abner P. & Emily B. Garfield born Sheffield Ohio September 2, 1834
Alonzo Benjamin Garfield son of Abner P. and Emily B. Garfield born in Summer Hill Township, Crawford Co. PA December 12, 1837
Daniel Garfield son of Abner P. and Emily B. Garfield born in Summer Hill Township, Crawford Co. PA March 13, 1840

Albert James Hasson son of Maria Amanda Garfield and James Hasson born August 7, 1855

Noretta Garfield daughter of Elisha (3) and Sarah Simons  Garfield August 6, 1861
William Daniel Garfield son of Elisha (3) and Sarah Simons Garfield born Jan 6 (no year)
Gordon Alonzo Garfield son of William D. and Mary T. Garfield born Sept 1889

Eugene Garfield son of Alonzo Benjamin Garfield and Ella born July 5, 1873
Flora Garfield daughter of Alonzo Benjamin Garfield and Ella born July 9, 1875
Harriet Garfield daughter of Alonzo B. Garfield and Ella born March 27, 1877
George Ernest Garfield son of Alonzo B. Garfield and Ella (no date)
James Alonzo Garfield son of Alonzo B. and Ella born August 7, 1883
Irene Garfield daughter of Alonzo B. and Ella
-  -  File name:
Miscellaneous_notes_on_Garfield__Births.doc File type:

Miscellaneous Garfield Notes furnished by Maria Amanda Garfield Hasson 1832 - aft. 1914


Isaac Garfield and Miss Brewer

Elisha Garfield and Ruth Peck

Abner Peck Garfield and Emily Bullard October 21, 1828

Maria Amanda Garfield and James Hasson July 5, 1854

Elisha Garfield and Sarah Ann Simmons September 2, 1860

Alonzo Benjamin Garfield and Ella Webster Jewell December 28, 1870

Daniel Garfield and Sarah Wheelwright May 1871

Norreta Garfield and Frank Johnson

Albert James Hasson and Jessie Dobson May 13, 1885

William Daniel Garfield and Mary Turner September 1887

Miscellaneous Garfield Notes furnished by Maria Amanda Garfield Hasson (1832  aft. 1914)


Polly Garfield daughter of Elisha Garfield and Ruth Peck September 26, 1817
(sampler made at age 11 in library in Tyringham)

Ruth Peck Garfield wife of Elisha Garfield February 5, 1822

Myron Garfield son of Elisha Garfield and Ruth Peck March 18, 1828

Abner Peck Garfield son of Elisha Garfield and Ruth Peck September 27, 1860

Levi Garfield son of Abner Peck Garfield and Emily Bullard August 1860

Emily Bullard Garfield wife of Abner P. Garfield December 1, 1882

Elisha Garfield son of Abner Peck Garfield and Emily Bullard Nov. 20, 1883

Eugene Garfield son of Alonzo Benjamin Garfield and Ella Webster Jewell January 21, 1874

Flora Garfield daughter of Alonzo Benjamin and Ella Garfield February 23, 1882

George Earnest Garfield son of Alonzo and Ella Garfield August 18, 1886

Noretta Garfield daughter of Elisha Garfield 1893

Alonzo Benjamin Garfield June 8, 1907

Miscellaneous Garfield Notes furnished by Maria Amanda Garfield Hasson 1832 - aft. 1914


Daniel Garfield Private, Lieutenant Solomon Jackson's Co. Col. John Ashley Regt enlisted October 13, 1781 discharged October 20, 1781, service 12 days travel included company
marched from Berkshire County under command of Lieut. Col John Collar by order of Col John Ashley Jr. on alarm at the Northward Roll dated Tyringham.

John Lincoln Garfield Private, Capt. William Smith's Co. of minute men Col. Abyal Pierce's regt. Which marched on alarm of April 10, 1775 service 10 days

John Garfield private Capt. Enos Parker's Co. Col. Jacob Gerrish's regt. Of guards enlisted July 11, 1778, discharged January 1, 1779. Service 5 months 24 days travel included:
company detached from Berkshire county militia to guard stores at Springfield for 6 months from July 1, 1778.

Thank you very much Elaine!

Carol wrote:
In my research I have found a Benjamin P. Garfield in Bloomfield, Jackson, Ohio.
In his home are:
Benjamin P. age 44, born in NY,
Mary age 35, born in La.,
Franklin age 13, born in La.,
Alexander age 10, born in La.,
Charlotte age 8, born in Ohio,
Martha A. age 6, born in Ohio,
John W. age 4, born in Ohio,
Melissa age 2, born in Ohio.
William A. Plunkett age 17, born in La. 
I suspect that he (William) is related to Mary.
Benjamin is a farmer. Charlotte is possibly the one and the same that is married to David Shinn found in Grant, Vermilion Co., Illinois in 1880. Charlotte shows father born
in NY, Mother born in La., her place of birth is Ohio. dates are close.
I know that you must get tons of emails regarding your page, but I would love it if others would send me data that might be a piece of my puzzle that helps to complete the whole
picture. I have come across a Henry Garfield in the Missouri area and also in same area of Illinois. I recently found B P Garfield in Putnam, Missouri 1870 census.
If you have anything on this Benjamin in your files I would appreciate your assistance in my search.
Thank you for your time. Carol
Thanks Carol, maybe someone can add something for you.


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